Announcement regarding migration of electronic message exchange with the government

Dear customer,

You are currently using one or more Portbase service(s) to exchange messages with government agencies in the Netherlands. In order to receive these messages, the Dutch government makes use of a digital mailbox known as ‘Digipoort Trade & Transport (DTT)’. This is the official mailbox for exchanging information with Customs, The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Seaport Police and the Port Authorities.

Dutch Customs intends to end its contract with current provider Logius and assume in-house management of the Digipoort Trade & Transport and Single Window itself. To that end, Customs is working to develop a new digital mailbox facility called the ‘Trade & Transport Gateway’ (TTG). Companies may therefore encounter changes in the digital mailing addresses. The actual flow of messages, however, will remain unchanged.
Customs has sent a number of newsletters to inform you of the planned migration to HTG and has asked you to prepare for this step (together with your software supplier).

Good news: Portbase will ensure that all services you use to communicate with the Dutch government (via the Port Community System) are migrated to the TTG. This will require no action on your part. The migration of the Portbase services to the new TTG will be carried out in three phases, scheduled to last from February until June 2020. From July, all Portbase customers will be connected to the TTG. You will not notice when this migration takes place.

Please note: Besides the Portbase services, do you use other additional software to submit messages to the Dutch government? In that case, you will need to make arrangements with those software suppliers regarding the migration of your account.

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