Cargo Tracker offers real-time insight into import flows

2 June 2020 – Cargo Tracker, the Portbase Track & Trace service, is now available following a successful pilot project. Cargo Tracker provides shippers and forwarding companies with real-time status information about the containers they import via the port of Rotterdam. Cargo Tracker is ideal for parties who outsource their logistics and reporting obligations but still want insight into the cargo flow in order to adjust their own processes and planning accordingly.

Cargo Tracker is an extension of the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s Boxinsider product. Combining the Track & Trace activities of the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Portbase creates a more complete service and a clear proposition towards the market. Following the transfer to Portbase in April, a successful pilot phase was held with Boxinsider’s customers. As of today, the service has been converted into a paid Portbase service. Cargo Tracker is available via the web and as an API. With an API, you can build Cargo Tracker into your own software system in accordance with your own wishes.

“Cargo Tracker will save you time. A single screen gives you real-time insight into the status of ships expected in port, the time when your container(s) are unloaded and departure from most sea terminals. And if something changes during transport, you will receive a push notification so that you are always proactively informed. Which means you no longer have to keep an eye on all the terminal and shipping company sites.” (Peter Vink, Sales Manager)

A wider range of services for forwarders and shippers
Portbase already offers Track & Trace and goods information in the shape of Cargo Information 2.0, but this service is particularly suitable if you also fulfil other reporting obligations via Portbase. A limitation of Cargo Information 2.0 is that only one party can view the cargo data. Cargo Tracker offers a Track & Trace experience for anyone who wants to follow their container in the port of Rotterdam, even if your freight forwarder handles your reporting obligations for you via Portbase.

In the time to come, Portbase will continue to add additional functionality to Cargo Tracker, such as information about ship rotations, the presence of a follow-up declaration and possible inspection and release. Cargo Tracker will also be suitable for trailer tracking this year. From next year, more sea and inland terminals will also be connected.

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