ECT supports receipt confirmations in Notification Import Documentation

As of 23 August 2001, ECT will be offering you improved status information about your customs prenotifications via our service Notification Import Documentation. From that date, the service will automatically inform you whether your prenotification has been accepted or rejected by ECT, so enabling you to take action quickly if required. As a result, unexpected problems when collecting containers will be a thing of the past.

No action required
No action is required on your part to receive the receipt confirmations from ECT in Notification Import Documentation. As of 23 August, you will see the notifications in your web screen and we will send them automatically as part of our messaging to customers with a system link.

1st step towards mandatory use of Notification Import Documentation
The receipt confirmations are a first step by ECT towards making the prenotification of all import documents via Portbase compulsory. The existing option to prenotify via ECT’s own e-services will end on 13 September 2021. The phasing out of MRN Documents is part of the replacement of ECT’s E-Services. ECT has informed users of its e-services by e-mail.

Further information
At Portbase Support, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions, an instruction video and a practical manual for using Notification Import Documentation. Still encountering problems? Our Service Desk will be pleased to help. You can reach them on +31 (0)88 625 25 25 and at