New Platform Solutions Portbase: everyone can do more with data

The introduction of Platform Solutions, means that Portbase adds a new dimension to its service provision via the Port Community System (PCS). CEO Iwan van der Wolf: “In addition to our existing support for the core processes of the ports, companies and governments can now create their own communities within PCS in a simple and secure manner. In a very user-friendly way they can share additional data with new target groups or receive such data. Platform Solutions makes doing more with data possible for everyone in the logistics chain.”

Over the past twenty years, Portbase has developed PCS, and now it is the key information exchange system for Dutch port logistics chains. The addition of Platform Solutions is another big step forward. Van der Wolf: “Technological developments are making it easier to share data and develop new applications. Parties have an increasing need for data. Data platforms are shooting up. We have followed that trend. Instead of each separate port company having to invest, we at Portbase provide these logistics for the whole community. It is much more efficient. Our community consists of more than 5000 companies with 20.000 users bundling a lot of data. We firmly believe that sharing more data will make port logistics chains faster, more efficient, better and greener. We want to help our ports be the smartest in Europe.”

Building on proven infrastructure

Van der Wolf explains how the new Platform Solutions fits into PCS. “The bottom layer of our PCS is the infrastructure with generic components including data storage and data conversion, means for authorization and authentication, security, agreements on standards to be used (iShare), etc. On top of this infrastructure, we have built ‘Port Solutions’ over the past twenty years. These are the services that everyone knows Portbase for, services that support all the core processes in port logistics. Right next to these Port Solutions we have now positioned Platform Solutions. Through the Portbase infrastructure, companies and government bodies can develop their own (data) services and create communities for sharing extra data. This will be data that is valuable to specific target groups.”

Access to the large Portbase community

An important advantage for companies and governments that use Platform Solutions is  access to the large Portbase community. Van der Wolf: “Through Platform Solutions, a company or government body can simply ask specific community members for permission to reuse their PCS data for smart new solutions. Once agreed, this can be quickly effected. It is a matter of flipping a switch. No one needs to invest in separate connections. Please note! All data in PCS is the property of the members. The barriers to reuse will be lowered, but permission is always required; security must be guaranteed. Conversely, a data provider can also gain direct access to the Portbase community through Platform Solutions in order to promote its services. After all, the ultimate goal is to make everyone’s work smarter, more efficient, more secure, more sustainable and/or cheaper.”


To further encourage data sharing, Portbase will make a separate Marketplace within PCS. Van der Wolf: “Here the data services for the core processes from Port Solutions are available. Also, from the Platform Solutions other providers can ask attention for their own data. This marketplace, which will become available in the course of 2022, is an important part of the added value we will offer parties. The large size of our community provides immediate scale.”

From large to small, your own community

Van der Wolf emphasizes that everyone, from large to small, can start their own community through the Platform Solutions and share data. “Portbase will provide the environment and the basic components and will take care of security, etc. It is up to the parties themselves to then set up that environment and shape it.”

“The introduction of Platform Solutions is to take data sharing in logistics to the next level,” Van der Wolf concludes. “In this new ecosystem we will have to discover a lot together. The aim is not to replace Port Solutions but strengthen existing services. I am convinced of the added value of the Platform Solutions for the community to do more with data and to innovate. Portbase will put a lot of energy into accelerating the sharing of data in logistics via this new route. Anyone is welcome to start using our Platform Solutions!”

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