Official customs announcement: introduction of plateau 1 Container Release Notice on 1 October

The procedure for submitting subsequent declarations for goods from outside the European Union is changing. From 1 October 2021, Dutch customs will be introducing the Container Release Notice (CVB) in step-by-step fashion. This official letter from customs sets out the changes to its working method with regard to the CVB.

The CVB in outline

New arrangements for the existing import process:

  • Correct match
    The CVB matches the Declaration for Temporary Storage (Aangifte voor Tijdelijke Opslag or ATO in Dutch) with the subsequent declaration.
  • On time
    The CVB requires that a subsequent declaration be made after the ship’s ATA.
  • Correct details
    The B/L on the ATO and the subsequent declaration must be identical. The weight on the subsequent declaration may not be greater than the weight on the B/L.
  • Condition for transport
    Without the CVB, permission will not be granted to leave the terminal.
  • Acting early is the key
    A preliminary declaration + (automatic) presentation notification will speed up your logistics.

Please note: If your declarations are done for you by a third party, we recommend that you talk to the other companies in your chain and that – together with your logistics partner – you prepare thoroughly for the CVB.

Ready for the CVB

You can read all about the CVB at, a joint initiative by industry bodies, interest groups, Portbase and customs. There you can read what the CVB will mean for you as a notifying parter (customs agent/importer), as an importer (not the notifying party) and as a carrier. Prepare in time. Only together can we prevent congestion in the ports!

Want to know more?

Read how you can prepare here or contact Peter Vink at or on +31(0)88 6252534.