Data sharing means smartly using IT

The company sees huge opportunities, but these are difficult to implement in practice for IT. We hear this from the market every day.

As an organisation, you want to innovate and collaborate. Unfortunately, this is often inhibited because it is not possible to share data securely, controlled and under your own terms. Portbase does make this possible though.

The main issues in this respect are lack of trust, lack of knowledge and limited IT capacity.

Robin GroenBusiness Manager Portbase

Three conditions for a good IT set-up

  • Technology

    Data sharing starts with a solid foundation. But how do you give shape to that? How can you securely unlock data and link this with other parties?

  • Application

    The power of data sharing lies in its application. How can you ensure that the community has easy access?

  • Compliance

    Everything needs to be properly arranged from a legal perspective. Who owns the data? How do you make agreements on data sharing and what about regulations?