Road transport and barge operators to also start pre-notifying at Matrans Rotterdam Terminal via Portbase

As of Monday the 29th of August, road transport operators and barge operators can use the Portbase service HCN to pre-notify containers at Matrans Rotterdam Terminal. After the pre-notification, you will automatically receive status information, which prevents unnecessary trips. HCN will consequently become your central portal for the entire port to an even greater degree.

From Friday the 26th of August to Monday the 29th of August, Matrans Rotterdam Terminal will switch to a new Terminal Operating System (TOS). This means that during this period, no new containers can be delivered or collected.

Hinterland Container Notification Road & Barge 

As of Thursday the 25th of August, you can start working ahead for HCN and already submit road and/or barge pre-notifications and visits with an ETA from Monday the 29th of August, 7 am. and beyond. These notifications are buffered and will be processed, as soon as the new terminal system is up and running, after which you will receive feedback on your pre-notifications.

 Your benefits 

  • One single portal and uniform operational approach for all terminals and depots
  • Immediate insight into the progress of pre-notifications for visits and containers
  • Possibility to request container status prior to pre-notification (for terminals that provide this option) in due course
  • Possibility to submit pre-notification via smartphone
  • Only relevant fields per terminal need to be entered
  • Pre-notification of rotation, visit and cargo data
  • Automatic notification when planning and cargo information changes
  • Always an unloading/loading confirmation afterwards


Terminal name Matrans Rotterdam Terminal B.V.  
Address Reeweg 25  
Zip code & Location 3089 KM Rotterdam-Pernis  
Port number Port number 2810, Rotterdam  
EAN 8713755234607  
Location code EDIFACT: NLRTM+MATR  
Location code XML/SMDG: NLRTMMATR 

Click here for an overview of terminal-specific message codes and functionality support. 

Customs documentation via Portbase 

While the TOS is being switched, from Friday 23.00 p.m. to Monday 07.00 a.m., it will temporarily not be possible to pre-notify customs documents at Matrans Rotterdam Terminal. You can continue to submit notifications through Notification Import Documentation (NID) and Notification Export Documentation (NED). Messages are not processed during the terminal closure but are buffered. Once the system is up and running, the NID and NED messages will be processed.

Notification Import Documentation & Notification Export Documentation 

For some time already, you have been able to pre-notify all your customs documents through the Portbase services Notification Import Documentation (MID) and Notification Export Documentation (MED). The pre-notification of documents is mandatory for all shipments. After the accompanying customs document has been digitally pre-notified via Portbase, you can collect and deliver your containers. This applies to all cargo shipments.

Not a participant yet? Check out the services Import Status and Track & Trace Export to register. You can use these to check the customs status of your containers at Matrans Rotterdam Terminal in advance, thus avoiding unnecessary trips.

More information 

Should you want to learn more about one or more Portbase services, then please consult Portbase Support for instructional videos, manuals and answers to frequently asked questions.