22 Barge Planning

The basis for rapid and efficient processing of containerbarges.


  • Clear agreements with sea terminals about processing
  • Clear view of status of containers including loading/discharge confirmation
  • Better utilisation level for your vessels

Optimal handling at the terminal

Via the service Barge Planning, you can easily make appointments with container terminals about when processing is to happen. Moreover, you can send your electronic loading and discharge lists to the container terminals. You then automatically receive status information from them about the availability of these containers. If needed, you can still sort out missing information. Afterwards, you also receive a loading/discharge confirmation for each container. Barge Planning assures you of an efficient terminal visit.

Condition to pick up or deliver

At APM Terminals Maasvlakte ll, APM Terminals Rotterdam and Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), pre-notification of barge and cargo via Portbase is the condition to pick up or deliver your containers. You can also pre-notify your barge and cargo via Portbase at the ECT Delta Terminal, Euromax Terminal Rotterdam, Uniport and Barge Center Waalhaven.

Cost-free participation

Due to the strategic importance of good advance information for the port’s operation, participation in the service Barge Planning is free of charge to barge operators. Sea terminals pay a contribution for the service. Portbase is a non-profit organisation.

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