45 Cargo Tracker

Track & trace for all your import cargo. A complete picture of the status of ships expected in the port, when your containers are unloaded and when they depart the sea terminal on a single screen. Cargo Tracker builds on the Port of Rotterdam’s Boxinsider solution.


  • See and track all your import cargo in the port of Rotterdam
  • Stay fully informed from weeks before arrival to the exact moment your cargo leaves the terminal
  • Gate-out updates before departure from the terminal
  • Accessible to multiple cargo stakeholders at the same time
  • All the information via a single reliable platform
  • Automatic alerts (e.g. ship delay)

Who is it for?

As a forwarder, shipper or haulier, you can keep a close eye on your container cargo in Cargo Tracker. This real-time insight enables you to optimise planning. In the event of anomalies, you can make adjustments immediately. Which means you can work faster, more efficiently and smarter, both within your own company and in partnership with other parties in the logistics chain.

Via web and API

Cargo Tracker is available via the web and as an API. With an API, you can build Cargo Tracker into your own software system entirely in accordance with your own wishes. As soon as the API specifications are available, you will find them here.

From cargo information to cargo control

Cargo Tracker has a lot in common with the existing Portbase service Cargo Information , but there a more opportunities for you. Multiple companies can track the same cargo simultaneously and a Gate-out message shows the moment a container leaves the terminal.

As well as seeing and tracking your cargo, you may wish to take the appropriate follow-up actions immediately: from autumn 2020, you can upgrade Cargo Tracker to Cargo Controller. This really puts you in control of your cargo. Based on the track & trace information, you can quickly and easily initiate the subsequent customs procedures in Cargo Controller or authorise others to do so. Cargo Controller replaces the current service Cargo Information.


To use Cargo Tracker, you pay a monthly subscription fee plus a charge for each container you request. There is a one-off connection charge of € 249.50 (exclusive of VAT). If you subscribe to the service via API, you get free access to the web screens.

Want to know more?

Go to Portbase Support for the Quick Start Guide and frequently asked questions about Cargo Tracker.


For questions

Peter Vink
Specialist, Forwarders Send an e-mail +31 (0)88 625 25 34


Are you already a customer and do you have questions about using this service? Go to support.


For cargo type

  • Containers

Available via

  • Web interface
  • System interface
  • Target groups
    • Forwarder
    • Importer
    • Shipbroker, Shipping company
    • Road haulier