44 Data service Discharge Confirmation

Implementation of the data service Discharge Confirmation allows you – immediately after a container is discharged and automatically from within your in-house system – to confirm the pre-announcement with Customs or submit a follow-up declaration.


  • Real-time insight into the moment of discharge
  • Prevents extra work by automatically triggering follow-up actions in your in-house system (confirmation of pre announcement, submission of follow-up declaration)
  • Ensures a smooth flow of containers
  • Allows you to plan further transport efficiently
  • Reliable data, straight from the source

Data service

Discharge Confirmation is what is known as a data service. It involves combining specific fields from existing Portbase services into a single dataset. Businesses and software providers can then implement such datasets in their own processes and systems, or apply them in developing or refining their own logistical innovations. It’s entirely up to you. Access to the data in Portbase’s system is arranged using APIs.

Discharge Confirmation prevents delays in your logistical process

The data service Discharge Confirmation was created in response to Customs’ introduction of the Container Release Message. From the moment the Container Release Message is in effect, an import declaration is only possible after the ship has actually arrived in the port. Discharge Confirmation is the ‘signal’ that allows importers or exporters like yourself – immediately after the time of discharge and automatically from within your in-house system – to confirm your pre-announcement with Customs or submit the follow-up declaration, with no additional effort. Customs can then immediately process your notifications, allowing your container(s) to quickly re-enter the logistic chain.

Simple procedure

For Discharge Confirmation, you will submit a request (based on a container number in combination with a B/L or Call Reference Number) via an API. Once you have done so, a confirmation of receipt will be sent to the email address you provided. As soon as the container is discharged, the discharge confirmation details (e.g. location and time) will be forwarded from Portbase to your in-house system in real time.

Use and costs

You can use Discharge Confirmation for any container arriving in the Dutch ports.
For participation, you will pay a monthly subscription fee plus a payment for each discharge confirmation you request. This payment consists of a fee for the use of the service plus compensation for the data owner. Billing will take place via a summary invoice submitted at the end of the month and based on actual use.

Getting connected

The API specifications for the data service Discharge Confirmation can be found here. You can sign up to participate by completing this application form. Our Interface Specialists will then contact you to make further arrangements.


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