15 Declaration Food and Consumer Products

Efficient submission of border documents (GGBs) to the NVWA.


  • Quick and reliable handling of border formalities
  • For both veterinary cargo and high-risk food products
  • Easy reuse of data from the service Cargo Information when submitting your border documents (GGBs)

Submit declarations simply

The service Declaration Food and Consumer Products can be used to declare both veterinary cargo and high-risk food products to the Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit (NVWA) simply and easily. This applies to both containers and – in the context of the Brexit – trailer cargo. For this very purpose, Portbase is connected directly to the Veterinary Border Control (VCG) system of the NVWA. You can be sure that your veterinary border documents (GGBs) will always be handled in a fast and efficient way. The NVWA will also provide you with feedback on the status of your declarations.

Part of the comprehensive veterinary package

Information submitted through the service Declaration Food and Consumer Products will be automatically reused by Portbase in the service Veterinary Inspection Process. This service ensures rapid and efficient logistics concerning veterinary inspections.

Connection costs
There is a one-off connection fee of €249.50 (ex. VAT) for this service.

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