33 Exit Summary Declaration

Submit EXS declarations efficiently.


  • Straightforwardly comply with Customs obligations
  • Deal with all Customs export formalities via the Port Community System

Straightforwardly comply with obligations

With the service Exit Summary Declaration, you can comply simply with the obligation to submit an Exit Summary Declaration for outgoing cargo of which the safety information is not (or is no longer) known to Customs by any other means. These EXS declarations are required in the following situations:

  • Transshipment cargo that has lain on the terminal for over 14 days
  • Export cargo delivered with an NCTS document that has lain on the terminal for over 14 days
  • Transshipment cargo that has lain on the terminal for less than 14 days, but for which the destination/recipient must be altered
  • Containers that remain within the EU, but are transferred outside the EU
  • Shipper-owned empty containers

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