42 Hinterland Container Notification

A multimodal prenotification portal for prenotifying visits and containers corresponding to all hinterland modalities – truck, rail and barge – to a wide range of terminals and depots. Hinterland Container Notification is being developed in phases and will gradually replace the current services Road Planning, Barge Planning and Rail Planning.


  • Multimodal prenotification portal
  • A single central portal for all modalities
  • Prenotifications can easily be switched to other modalities
  • In addition to sea terminals, prenotifications can be submitted to inland terminals and depots as well
  • Only terminal-specific input is needed
  • Use of mobile devices also possible
  • Easy-to-use
  • Integral oversight, greater transparency

Click on one of the links below to learn more about:

Hinterland Container Notification Road 

Hinterland Container Notification Barge

Hinterland Container Notification Rail

For inland terminals and depots as well
Like sea terminals, inland terminals and depots can now use Hinterland Container Notification to efficiently organise their in and outgoing container flows.

Benefits yo inland terminals and depots
• Around-the-clock insight into visitor flow
• Feedback on container status prevents delays and unnecessary visits
• Less (or even no) administrative tasks required, saving work in the office
• Better distribution of visits thanks to displayed time slots
• Terminal-specific: can be configured according to individual needs
• Over 1,200 transporters are connected (with a CargoCard)

Participating terminals and depots
Go here to see a list of sea terminals, inland terminals and depots where you can use the service Hinterland Container Notification. Some of these require use of the service.

Here’s how you connect!
For this service, our partners in the logistical chain have established additional requirements of their own. Click here to learn what you will need to do before you can use our service.

Connection fee only
New participants in Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) will pay a one-off connection fee of €249.50 (exclusive of VAT). This applies to all users, whether they participate in HCN Road, HCN Barge, HCN Rail or a combination of these. Due to the strategic importance of good advance information to the functioning of the port, participation in the HCN services is free of further costs for hauliers. These costs will be covered by Port of Rotterdam Authority and Amsterdam Port Authority. All other parties will be required to pay a contribution for use. Portbase is a non-profit organisation.

For questions

Kevin Lammerts
Specialist hinterland Send an e-mail +31 (0)88 625 25 34


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For cargo type

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  • Web interface
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