35 Seaport Statistics

Enabled by Portbase

Reliable statistics in relation to cargo flows.


  • Connects to existing infrastructure for port-wide exchange of information
  • Portbase combines port and logistical know-how with IT expertise
  • Reliable hosting

Every month, the Seaport Statistics service provides the Port of Rotterdam Authority with reliable data on voyages and cargo from a single source. This gives them an accurate and complete image of the cargo flows that pass through the ports, allowing them to generate useful statistics on the basis of this information.

Shipbrokers can use the service Seaport Statistics as well. As service participants, they can receive a file of aggregate data free of charge, which they can then use to compile their own management information. They can choose to receive this on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The data files are based on information that is already available in the Port Community System: information previously submitted by shipping companies, shipbrokers and agents for their notifications to the port authority and Customs. All data has of course been rendered anonymous and does not contain any commercially sensitive information.

Enabled-by services
Under the name ‘Enabled-by services’, Portbase also develops, manages and hosts services for third parties within the Port Community System. These are services of a general logistics nature that deliver added value for the port community. All costs are borne by the client, who is also responsible for dissemination and use. Participants in an ‘Enabled-by service’ do not have a direct client relationship with Portbase.

Client: Port of Rotterdam Authority
Target group: Port of Rotterdam Authority, shipping companies, shipbrokers and agents

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