All road hauliers will make the transition to Hinterland Container Notification

In the coming weeks, Portbase will switch all road hauliers who use the service Road Planning via internet over to Hinterland Container Notification. This new service will make submitting your pre-notifications to the container terminals easier and faster.

In total, some 1,100 road hauliers will be switched to the new service. The first 350 of these have already made the move. The transition takes place automatically. Once you have access to Hinterland Container Notification, you will receive a message on your Port Community System start screen to let you know. From that moment on, you will need to create and submit new pre-notifications using Hinterland Container Notification. If you have any existing pre-notifications, you will then have a period of two weeks to complete these in Road Planning. After that, this service will be deactivated. An instructional video for Hinterland Container Notification can be found here. We also have a Quick Start Guide available for you, and you can consult the list of Most frequently asked questions and their answers as well.

Aligned with users
The new service Hinterland Container Notification has been developed in close cooperation with a working group from the road transport sector. Over multiple sessions, they were consulted on how to align the new service with daily practice as effectively as possible. This video featuring AZV chair Marco Post and others, explains the benefits in greater detail. In an article, pilot participant Kleijn Transport describes the convenience of the service as ‘submitting pre-notifications in your sleep’.

Subsequent steps
Road hauliers who work with Road Planning via EDI will be transferred to Hinterland Container Notification in the following phase. Portbase is currently working to prepare an API link. We will be contacting software providers and IT departments soon to share more specific information regarding the API link to Hinterland Container Notification.

The ultimate goal is that, in the future, Hinterland Container Notification will offer a single point of entry for fast and simple pre-notification of all modalities: road, rail and inland shipping. This will make it possible to quickly change modalities when pre-notifying, and will, in general, contribute to further improving the Port of Rotterdam’s hinterland logistics.

More information
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