Be assured of a smooth goods flow thanks to optimal information exchange

Road, barge and rail operators can optimize their container transport with Portbase services (primarily HCN), for efficient handling at sea and hinterland terminals. All parties are informed in good time via Portbase, making logistics processes run smoothly.

Services for inland operators


As an inland barge operator, Hinterland Container Notification Barge offers you a single portal to prenotify barge visits and containers to terminals and depots. 

  • Automatic and standardized sharing of loading and discharge lists
  • Direct link with Nextlogic for integrated planning of visits to the port (less congestion)


Hinterland Container Notification Road offers you a single portal to prenotify visits and containers to terminals and depots. 

  • Cost savings thanks to more efficient planning and operations.
  • No unnecessary traffic and congestion at the terminal
  • Submit prenotifications from your smartphone
  • A single portal and uniform way of working for all terminals


Hinterland Container Notification Rail offers you a single portal to prenotify train visits and containers to terminals and depots. 

  • Easily share unloading and discharge lists at the (rail) terminals
  • Automatic feedback on the status of prenotified containers.

Import cargo

Simplifies compliance with the requirements when importing cargo into the EU. Efficient information exchange with authorities and sea terminals ensures smooth cargo flow.

Export cargo

Handling of export formalities. Information optimized for all parties involved, including the terminals and Customs, making it easy for all requirements to be met.

Hinterland programme: Data Fuel

Future vision

The ongoing development of HCN services takes place in consultation with users. Portbase aims to address and prioritize the most important developments in partnership with the community, through interviews, working groups, customer panels, etc. These customer panels are also represented on Portbase’s governing body. Every quarter, HCN users are updated on what has been achieved and what developments to expect in the coming quarter.

Read more about the topics we are working on.

Melding Container Achterland Rail in Portbase

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