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Gain real-time insight into the Customs status of your incoming cargo at shortsea and ferry terminals. The service Import Status is a crucial part of the Dutch chain solution aimed at maintaining quick transport of cargoes to and from the United Kingdom, even after the Brexit.


  • See at a glance whether the required Customs document is on file with the shortsea or ferry terminal, and whether all Brexit-related Customs obligations have been met
  • Hauliers knows when cargo can leave without problems at the shortsea or ferry terminal
  • Everyone can work quick and efficiently

Everyone is able to work quickly and efficiently

Import Status offers importers, forwarders, Customs agents and hauliers real-time insight into the status of cargoes arriving via shortsea and ferry terminals. Simply enter the container- or shipment number (consisting of the shipping company SCAC code, booking number and tracking number) to see at a glance whether the mandatory prenotification of import documents has been submitted. Note to hauliers: you will be expected to check in time whether the import document has been prenotified at the shortsea or ferry terminal. If the import document has not been prenotified, your cargo cannot be collected at the terminal.

At which terminals

Import Status is a temporary service in view of Brexit. Through this service you can now track your cargo at all shortsea terminals connected to Portbase. After the Brexit, this also applies to all Dutch ferry terminals that transport goods to and from the United Kingdom.

Portbase support

Portbase Support is the central location on the web for all questions about working with the Portbase services. You’ll find essential instructional videos, quick guides, frequently asked questions and much more that will help you make good use of the Portbase services there.

Free service

There is no fee for using the service Import Status.


Complete the application form to register for the service straight away. You will receive an email as soon as the service Import Status becomes available for your use.

Get Ready for Brexit

Together with the ferry companies, interest groups, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Port of Amsterdam Port Authority, Portbase is developing a single chain-wide solution intended to ensure the continued smooth flow of cargo through the Dutch ports following the Brexit. For more information on how this chain solution will affect you and other links in the logistical chain, please refer to www.getreadyforbrexit.eu and the Get Ready for Brexit handbook.



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