43 Import Status

Real-time insight into the customs status of your cargo arriving at shortsea and ferry terminals.


  • You can immediately see whether the required customs document is known at the shortsea or ferry terminal and whether the customs obligations have been met
  • As a carrier, you know in advance whether cargo from the United Kingdom can leave the shortsea or ferry terminal without any problems

How does this service work?

Import Status provides importers, forwarders, customs agents and carriers with real-time insight into cargo arriving from the UK via shortsea and ferry terminals. You can immediately see whether the pre-notification of import documents which is mandatory as per the Dutch Brexit solution has been complied with.

Attention transporter! Before dispatching a driver to the shortsea or ferry terminal, you are required to check via Import Status whether the import document has been pre-notified here. No transport without a pre-notified document.

How can I use this service?

Import Status is available via the web. You can also set up email notifications so that you do not always need to be logged in.

Temporary service

Import Status is a temporary service in the context of Brexit. The service will allow you to track all your incoming cargo at all ferry terminals and most shortsea terminals after Brexit. At these shortsea terminals, you can now already track all your cargo from other non-EU countries via Import Status.
Do you want to monitor the status of inbound cargo at deepsea terminals and shortsea terminals without Brexit cargo? Please use our service Cargo Tracker for this. Our terminal selector will show you exactly where you can use Import Status and Cargo Controller.

Request service and (connection) costs

There are no costs associated with the use of Import Status. The costs are covered by terminals and shipping companies. Fill in the application form and immediately register for participation.

Want to know more?

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