New legislation for process of Entry for the maritime sector

The European Union is introducing the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) for the maritime sector on 3 June 2024. This will significantly change the declarations for the ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) and ATO (Declaration to Temporary Storage). Together with industry organisations and client groups, Portbase has worked towards a solution with the least possible impact, but optimal preservation of data for reuse.

Impact for the declarant

With the entry of ICS2, the following will change for you:

  • ENS declarations are made to a central European system (Shared Trader Interface, STI) instead of to Customs in the first Member State of entry
  • The new ENS requires much more data. Now, summary data (at master level) are sufficient, soon more detailed data (at house level) will be mandatory
  • Multiple filing will be possible. This allows multiple parties to submit the mandatory data for the ENS
  • Notification of Arrival, of the vessel in the EU, will also be done in the central European system
  • It will be possible to make ENS notifications through Portbase in other European ports
  • Submission of the ATO for goods unloaded at the port, will continue to be done at the national customs authority. However:
    • Common data appearing in both the ENS and ATO may not differ from each other
    • In the ATO the declarant may refer to the ENS. As a result, less data is required when submitting the declaration.

Both services are available for all sectors: bulk, ferry, container (shortsea, feeder, deepsea) and breakbulk.

Pre-arrival Declaration
Cargo Import

This service is also suitable for filing ENS internationally. You can use the service Pre-arrival Declaration Cargo Import to submit ENS declarations to all European ports. The service can also be used to submit the Notification of Arrival to the European STI system. This way, Portbase offers international companies one centralised solution through the PCS.

Please note: in case of multiple filing, you as shipping company, shipbroker or agent will provide your part of the information (master data) via pre-arrival Declaration Cargo Import. For submitting house data for multiple filing, you need to make separate arrangements with the forwarder or shipper. Portbase does not support this.

Declaration Cargo Import

The current ATO is changing. With the entry of ICS2, there will be two options:

  • TSD (Temporary Storage Declaration), here it is necessary to fill in the full dataset (at the house level)
  • TSR (Temporary Storage Reuse), here a limited dataset is required with reference to the previous ENS.

For both cases, you will be able to use the Declaration Cargo Import service.
Please note: for a TSR where the ENS declaration is done outside of Portbase, it has been agreed with the community that the shipping company, shipbroker or agent will always continue to supply us with the master data.

The importance of data

The reuse of data is crucial for optimal performance of processes all throughout the logistic chain, such as:

  • Automated and uniform notifications of customs inspections and release thereafter
  • Reuse of freight data in multiple subsequent declarations
  • A fully automated process for transhipment (REN)
  • Exchange of discharge lists and discharge discrepancies between Customs, shipping company and terminal
  • Optimal planning for hinterland parties.


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