21 Pre-arrival Cargo Declaration Import (4h)

Easily submit Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) to Dutch Customs.


  • Allows you to quickly and reliably comply with ENS obligations in the Dutch sea ports
  • This service is part of a total package of services surrounding incoming vessels and cargo
  • The service is a simple extension of the existing services Cargo Declaration Import
  • Information is optimally re-used
  • The service is always up-to-date: Portbase automatically includes Customs updates.

The Entry Summary Declaration is a European obligation and part of the Import Control System (ICS). For every feeder, shortsea, bulk and general cargo vessel from outside the European Union, a declaration of all goods on board originating from outside the EU must be submitted to Customs authorities in the first port of call in the EU, four (4) hours before arrival there. Customs then uses this declaration to carry out a safety and security scan.

The service Cargo Declaration Import (4h) is part of the complete range of services  that Portbase offers to  agents and shipbrokers/shipping companies (shortsea, feeder) in order to quickly and efficiently carry out all administrative obligations around incoming vessels and cargo.

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Available via

  • Web interface
  • System interface
  • Target groups
    • Agent
    • Shipbroker, Shipping company