More than 40 services on one platform

The Port Community System (PCS) is the digital link within the Dutch seaports. Companies from various sectors benefit from solutions for different types of cargo, mainly containers, but also general cargo, dry bulk and liquid bulk. As a participant in the logistics chain, you can share information easily and efficiently through the PCS.

Broadly speaking, the PCS comprises 3 elements:

  1. Digital infrastructure enabling secure and efficient data sharing. This layer includes, among other things, databases, identity management, access management, and the necessary technological components.
  2. The Community Solutions are the services developed by Portbase to digitally support important port processes. This layer ensures a unified way of collaboration between the various parties in the chain.
  3. In the digital ecosystem, various parties offer services that utilize the data made available by the Community Solutions. This layer ensures that the data can also be shared with other parties for different applications, based on the appropriate permissions.

How the services work

Each service enables message exchange and interaction between different parties. These can be messages to and from systems (system messages) as well as messages between people (notifications). Our central database enables optimal reuse of data, so you only have to supply data once. Of course, all this is done according to the established rules. Read more about that on our Security page.

Important for business

Ports serve as hubs for the national and international economy. In these complex hubs, accurate coordination is essential. This requires that all parties have timely access to the right information so they can perform the right actions at the right times. The Port Community System (PCS) ensures that all this information is centrally available and efficiently shared.

This leads to a stronger competitive position not only for the ports themselves, but also for many of the companies in the Netherlands which are directly or indirectly linked to port logistics. The PCS comprises a community of more than 6,000 companies and 15,000 users who collectively share their data, making Portbase currently the largest Port Community in Europe.

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