The costs of all Portbase services are borne by the users, using a cost-recovery model. More specifically, this is a three-layer model, in which all layers are funded. The model consists of the infrastructure, the services to support the port’s core processes and a data-sharing platform for innovation and customization.

Types of subscription

For some services, you have a choice between two subscription types: Basic (transaction fee only) or Basic Plus (fixed monthly fee and transaction fee). In some cases, for both the Basic and Basic Plus subscriptions, we charge a one-time €249.50 connection fee. More information can be found on the service pages.

If you subscribe to a service via a system interface, you get the web subscription for free. Our team of Interface Specialists offers support in building your system interface. For this we charge a one-time fee of €249.50 per service. If you choose a Basic subscription via a system interface, you only pay a one-time €249.50 connection fee.


At the beginning of the following month, Portbase sends an invoice for the past month based on actual usage and the corresponding subscription period. This will show your subscription(s) and the number of transactions.

Please note that it is not possible to switch subscriptions or settle the difference between actual and expected costs during an ongoing calendar year. If you are new to Portbase, we would be happy to advise you on choosing between our Basic or Basic Plus subscriptions. Please contact us at


Portbase is a non-profit organisation whose infrastructure is funded by its shareholders. Pricing is determined within working groups, with costs allocated per service based on the relative benefit of the solution. Additionally, there are services funded by the government or port authorities.


Frequently asked questions
about payments

When will I receive the invoice after paying the connection fee?

For most services subject to a connection fee, you will receive the invoice immediately after completing the application. For some services you will receive your invoice within 2 weeks. This is stated on the online application form. 

How does monthly billing work?

Portbase sends a monthly invoice based on actual usage. This shows your subscription(s) and the number of transactions.

Note: If there is no usage, nothing will be shown under number of transactions.

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