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Portbase services are smart IT solutions aimed at facilitating the easy and efficient exchange of data in the logistics chain.


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Import cargo

These services help agents, shipping lines, cargo handling agents, importers and forwarders to import efficiently.

14Cargo Declaration Import

The central gateway for submitting summary declarations to Customs.

6Cargo Declaration Status Report

Timely insight into outstanding summary cargo declarations.

8Cargo Information

Direct access to your own Bills of Lading (B/Ls) on board of a vessel.

44Data service Discharge Confirmation

Implementation of the data service Discharge Confirmation allows you – immediately...

15Declaration Food and Consumer Products

Efficient submission of border documents (GDBs) to the NVWA.

9Discharge Confirmation Report

View into the discrepancies between notified containers and actually discharged.

10Discharge Information

Service for all communication associated with discharging of tankers.

11Discharge List

Compose discharge lists and submit them to container terminals.

18Discrepancy list

Insight for Customs in too few or too many unloaded containers.

43Import Status

Gain real-time insight into the Customs status of your incoming cargo at shortsea and...

7Inspection Portal

A complete overview of all scan and physical inspections.

16Notification Import Documentation

Prenotify all your Customs documents for import to deepsea, shortsea and ferry...

12Notification Local Clearance

Optimum use of simplified Customs procedures.

21Pre-arrival Cargo Declaration Import (4h)

Easily submit Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) to Dutch Customs.

35Seaport Statistics

Reliable statistics in relation to cargo flows.

Enabled by Portbase
17Transit Declaration

Submit T1 declarations with just a few clicks of the mouse.

19Veterinary Inspection Process

Rapid and efficient logistics concerning veterinary inspections.

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