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This service is being developed. Expected delivery: HCN Barge will go live in October 2019 at the earliest. Shortly thereafter, the current service Barge Planning will be discontinued.

Pre-notify barge calls and barge containers with sea terminals and depots. Furthermore, Hinterland Container Notification Barge provides the input for the integrated planning of port visits by Nextlogic.


  • One window and uniform working method for all terminals
  • Pre-notification of both call and rotation data and loading and discharge lists
  • Request container status prior to pre-notification (at terminals that provide this option)
  • Insight into the status of visit and containers at a glance
  • Automatic notification when planning and cargo information changes
  • Always receive a loading/discharge confirmation afterwards
  • Direct link with Nextlogic for integrated planning of port calls

Linking via APIs

Barge operators can use Hinterland Container Notification Barge via screens or by means of an API link-up. The connection with Nextlogic is also taken into account in this respect. You can request access to the API specifications for Hinterland Container Notification Barge here. If desired, you can also use Hinterland Container Notification Barge via web screens. The new service replaces the current service Barge Planning.

Collaboration Portbase – Nextlogic

Portbase and Nextlogic will collaborate for better handling of container inland shipping in the port of Rotterdam. HCN Barge will be the central entry point for pre-notifying both loading and unloading lists and visiting and rotation data. HCN Barge then feeds Nextlogic for an integrated planning of your terminal and depot visits (add if necessary: ​​if you are a Nextlogic participant). The cooperation must lead to more efficiency, lower costs and better services for all parties involved in the logistics process.


The HCN Barge will go live in October 2019 at the earliest. The API specifications for creating the necessary links are available and can be requested here. You can start building immediately. In order to ensure that the HCN Barge go live smoothly, Portbase will conduct phased chain and implementation tests with Nextlogic, terminal operators and barge operators.


  • Startingdate workgroup: September 5, 2019
  • Startingdate market introduction: October 2019 at the earliest


  • Startingdate workgroup: September 5, 2019


  • Barge operators

Market introduction

  • Startingdate market introduction: October 2019 at the earliest

• Phasing out Barge Planning and launch of HCN Barge announced by e-mail and letter 27 June 2019
• Chain and implementation tests Portbase will take place from July 2019
• Barge operators working group formed, starting 5 September 2019 (a meeting scheduled every 3 weeks)
• Pilot phase and go-live HCN Barge on October 2019 at the earliest

Are you already using Barge Planning?
Keep in mind that the phasing out of Barge planning will coincide with the live of HCN Barge.
In order to be able to continue to pre-disturb your ships and containers at the terminals, it is therefore important that you start implementing the API links required for HCN Barge as soon as possible.

We realise it will not be possible for everyone to make the switch in time. To support users like yourself in this process, we are offering an API converter as a temporary solution from early November 2019. This will require no further action on your part. However, please note that the temporary converter will not provide the aforementioned benefits of a direct link. The API converter is linked to HCN Barge. After you enter the data in EDI, it will automatically be converted to API format so that the pre-notifications can be received in HCN Barge. You do not need to install any other software or make any adjustments to your in-house system for this purpose. Just to be clear: the API converter is intended as a temporary solution only. Its use will be free of charge for the first year.

Important! When using the API converter, you will immediately be confronted with the new web screens from MCA Barge for pre-notifying your ship visits. You will receive the required instructional materials on time. We automatically transfer your existing subscription to the new MCA Barge.

Questions about this service? Feel free to ask!

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