42 Hinterland Container Notification

Enabled by Secure Chain

Multimodal portal for the pre-notification of calls and containers via all hinterland modalities – truck, train and barge – at deepsea terminals, inland terminals and depots.


  • One single solution for road, rail and inland shipping
  • Easy rebooking of pre-notifications to different mode of transport
  • Pre-notification at deepsea terminals, inland terminals and depots
  • Only terminal-specific input required
  • Easy to use

How does this service work?

In the future, the pre-notification process for the three hinterland modalities truck, train and barge will be consolidated in this central HCN platform. Currently, the various modes of transport still use separate services for their pre-notification:

Data Fuel

In the coming years, we will work towards a future-proof and safe hinterland. See how this benefits you on this page.

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