53 Notification Bunkers

Electronic pre-notification of proposed bunker activities in the ports of Rotterdam and Dordrecht.


  • Less administrative work
  • Efficient handling of compulsory notifications to Harbour Master and Customs
  • Clear feedback from the Harbour Master and Customs

Electronic bunker notifications

Notification Bunkers is the first step towards completely paperless bunkering. Electronic pre-notification is a lot more efficient than the current way of working and leads to a more accurate, reliable insight into planned bunkering activities. In addition, information can be shared more easily. For example, it is possible to send data to both Harbour Master and Customs (optional) with a single action. .

Notification Bunkers makes it unnecessary to work with multiple platforms. This eliminates the need to use VHF (Harbour Master) and Maritime Single Window (Customs).

Melding Bunkers is the tool for bunker barge operators who want to report intended bunkering in Rotterdam and Dordrecht electronically.


Participation in the Notification Bunkers service is free of charge for you. Due to the strategic importance of the service for the functioning of a port, the costs are financed from the general revenues of the port authorities.

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