We build the smartest port communities. Together, we are increasing the potential of data for seamless, sustainable and secure cargo flows.  

Safe and reliable data sharing

With secure connections, multiple authorisation layers and 99.8% availability of our platform, we enable you to work securely.

Making the logistics chain more efficient

Data alignment makes the chain more efficient and therefore more sustainable. Benefits include shorter waiting times at terminals, digital handling of documentation and real-time track & trace data for your cargo.

One place where everything comes together

Our Port Community System is how companies and government agencies exchange data. It’s how we ensure progress with our community.

Smart solutions for

Services to make your supply chain more efficient

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Secure chain

Together, we make our logistics more secure

As the logistics chain, together we create a closed release and collection process that solely involves authorised parties.

With, for and by the port community

Together, we build the smartest port communities. An important word in this mission is together, because Portbase works for all the organisations in our community. That means we adopt a neutral position in the port. Together is our starting point in everything we do.

Customer panels

For each target group, the customer panels include representatives from a broad range of customers and their industry associations.


The Strategic Advisory Council considers the ports’ digital agenda and advises on Portbase’s strategic portfolio objectives.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board oversees the management and general affairs of Portbase.