Step into the Secure Chain via Portbase

Portbase was asked by the Secure Chain to make the process of releasing and collecting import containers in the Port of Rotterdam more secure and reliable. PIN codes are disappearing. An additional authorisation layer is being added to several services. The various parties in the logistics chain pass on the right to pick up a container to each other digitally via this authorisation layer. This creates a closed chain comprising only authorised parties. 

To participate in the Secure Chain, we ask existing customers to implement various actions in the services below:

For shippers and forwarders

For inland operators

If you are involved in the release and collection process for import containers and you are not yet a Portbase customer, we ask that you join the Secure Chain as soon as possible by signing up for the appropriate Portbase service. Together we’ll make the port of Rotterdam safer! 

What action should I take?

By answering the questions below, you’ll find out what changes you can expect and any additional steps you need to take to join the Secure Chain. 

Maersk schip

The Secure Chain: what exactly is it?

The Secure Chain is a joint initiative by government and industry for the physically and digitally secure collection of containers in the Port of Rotterdam. PIN codes are disappearing; instead, there will be a closed release and collection process involving only authorised shipping lines, agents, shippers, forwarders and inland operators.

Het recht voor het ophalen van een container wordt doorgegeven van rederij naar expediteur(s), naar uiteindelijk de desbetreffende wegvervoerder, spoor- of binnenvaartoperator. Alleen een geautoriseerde vervoerder kan bij de terminal voormelden en daar de container ophalen.

That means more security around the handling of your cargo. In this way, data is shared securely within a trusted chain. 

Answers to

Is your question not listed here? Chances are it is on the Secure Chain support page

When should I take action?

This depends on your role in the chain. Go through the steps in the decision tree to find out which steps you need to take to remain active in the import container release process.

What is the difference between Cargo Release Manager and Cargo Controller?

View the table below for an overview of the differences:

For a more detailed overview of the differences,  click here

I need to pick up a container urgently, can I get priority?

Unfortunately it is not possible to get priority.

How long does it take to request a service?

Are you already a Portbase customer? Then you can log in with your IAMconnected details and immediately request a service. You can read more information about requesting a service here. Are you not yet a customer? Then you first go through the registration process. Click here for more information about this process.

How can I see if my service request went through successfully?

After you request a service, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not received this, please check your spam folder. Didn’t you receive an email here either? Then you can contact us at As soon as your service request has been approved by your authorized signatory and Portbase, it will automatically appear under ‘your current services’ in the IAMconnected home screen.

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