Security first

Ensuring safe, secure use of the Port Community System (PCS) is Portbase’s number one priority. Our security measures are both visible and invisible. A quick look at the most important of these is provided below.

Employee screening

Every new employee is screened in advance.

Information Security Manager

At Portbase, a full-time information security manager is responsible for all matters involving security.

Security audit

An independent security audit of our organisation is conducted each year.

Information security

Portbase takes appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to protect personal data against loss, etc. They include the following: Information Security Statement

Built-in redundancy

The PCS operates from two different locations; all essential components have dual-modular redundancy. This means that if there is a problem at one location, the PCS (including all data) will continue to function as usual.

In the unlikely event that the PCS should nevertheless fail – either in whole or in part – emergency procedures will be triggered in consultation with you. That way, you can still continue to work.

Would you like to be informed immediately of any such occurrences? You can receive status updates.

Secure connections

We work with secure connections both via the web and for system links.

Secure Connections

The services within the PCS are available to you via the web and/or a system link. If you use the web, your information exchange will automatically take place over an HTTPs connection. The ‘s’ stands for secure and means data is sent encrypted.

If you work via a system link, you can choose between three secure options for your connection: sFTP, AS2 and HTTPs. We will be happy to advise you on which secure connection option is most suitable for you.

There are multiple layers of security within the PCS. Information can only be seen by those with particular roles. If you do not use the PCS for an extended period, it automatically times out.

What can you do yourself?

There is also a lot you can do yourself to make your use of the Port Community System as secure as possible. In the port logistics community, it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the protection of the digital infrastructure.

Your actions make a difference to the digital security of our ports. At Portbase Support, you can read what you can do yourself.