Via the overarching Port Community System, companies benefit from a host of intelligent services for exchanging information safely and efficiently 24/7 – with each other and with government agencies, within the Netherlands and within Europe. All participants optimize their logistics processes in this way, so improving their own competitive positions and those of the ports. The advantages in a nutshell:

Greater efficiency, lower costs

Through the Port Community System, Portbase offers more than 40 different services for every link in the logistics chain. Each year, participation creates added value of up to €345 million for companies and removes the need for 30 million phone calls, 100 million e-mails and 30 million truck kilometres.

Open platform  

The Port Community System is an open platform. Other parties who serve a general logistic purpose can also use it to provide services that deliver added value for the port community.

User friendly

The users of the Port Community System are at the heart of Portbase. The services are designed to be user-friendly and are discussed with working groups from the port community before being implemented. And our Customer Service is available for questions 24/7.


Supply chain optimisation

By and for the port community

The customer is right at the heart of the Port Community System. The port business community plays a major role on both the Supervisory Board and the Advisory Board. Portbase always develops new services in response to a clear market need. Working groups from the business community guide the development step by step. As soon as a component is ready, they test it and provide feedback. In this way, every new service is completely attuned to the wishes of participants and to practical use.

Security and reliability

Portbase has an information security manager who works on security issues full-time. Portbase is also a participant in the port ISAC, in which public and private parties exchange information about cyber threats and vulnerabilities in the port community. Portbase also commissions an independent security audit annually. Employees who develop, maintain and test the PCS and Customer Service employees are screened.