Cargo Controller

Cargo Controller

Full visibility when tracking your cargo.

Maximum insight and full control of your import cargo

Portbase combines data from all parties in the chain so that you always have the most up-to-date information on the arrival and status of containers at the terminal. You can direct actions to verified chain partners and so optimize cooperation within the logistics chain.

Service description

The cargo overview always shows you the current status of your cargo; when your vessel arrives, when it is discharged, when there is an inspection and when an import document is known. For safe handling of your cargo, you can nominate and/or authorize the next party in your logistics chain with Cargo Controller. Depending on your role and nomination in the process, you may or may not be able to see which goods have been shipped. The timeline provides insight into the logistics process and all parties involved in your cargo.

Premium terminal data add-ons

Through the Cargo Controller service, you have access to deep-sea terminal data, including ECT, RWG, and APM. This allows you to rely on more accurate EDT/ETA/ETD, vessel, and cargo information. Contact sales for more information.

Service features

  • Connection feeThere is a one-off connection fee to activate a service.
  • PaidSubscription fee and/or transaction fee applies.
  • System interface (API)The service can be used via an API system interface.
  • Web screenThe service can be used via a web screen.

Additional requirements

There are no additional requirements for this service.

How to get connected

Cargo Controller is available via web screens and as an API. With an API, you can incorporate Cargo Controller into your own software system in accordance with your own wishes.


For participation in Cargo Controller you pay a fixed monthly fee of €70.03 plus €0.38 per B/L requested. The one-time connection fee for Cargo Controller is €249.50 (ex. VAT).


“What we really appreciate is the information that Cargo Controller provides about the total weight and total number of packages of a shipment, as stated on the B/L. For us, accuracy is paramount.

“We have observed positive changes with the new way of working thanks to the Secure Chain. For instance, we are able to easily share data, but also to quickly and easily view the status of the import shipment.

This is how you request this service

To request a service, you need an IAMconnected account that is linked to your organization. More information about the registration process can be found on the Here’s how you connect page. Or download the seven steps of the registration process as pdf.

Do you already have a service connected? In that case you login with your IAMconnected account.

As a new customer, you create an account first. Then link your account to your organization.

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Secure chain

Together, we make our logistics more secure

As the logistics chain, together we create a closed release and collection process that solely involves authorised parties.

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