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Take control of your cargo. With Cargo Controller, you can import your cargo into Dutch ports more quickly, easily and transparently. You can quickly find your cargo, track it and directly perform actions towards customs and terminals. This gives you full control over your cargo and enables you to optimise cooperation with verified partners in your logistics chain.

Thanks to the cargo overview, you can always see the current status of your cargo; when your vessel arrived, when it was unloaded, whether an inspection is scheduled and whether an import document is known. For safe handling of your cargo, you can nominate and/or authorise the next party in your logistics chain with Cargo Controller. Depending on your role and nomination in the process, you may or may not be able to see which goods have been shipped. The timeline provides insight into the logistics process and all the parties involved in your cargo.

Cargo Controller and the Portbase Secure Chain

With Cargo Controller, we provide transparency regarding the data of your cargo. At the same time, certain information is only accessible to parties who are actually allowed to see this information – as a result of nomination and authorisation. You designate which partners are permitted to handle your cargo in Cargo Controller. The service is part of the Portbase Secure Chain, an updated process for sharing data with each other safely and securely in Dutch ports. You can find more information about the Portbase Secure Chain here.


  • See, track and manage all your import cargo
  • Stay fully informed from weeks before arrival to the exact moment your cargo leaves the terminal
  • Real-time ETA and ATA updates
  • Be informed about inspections, releases and other exceptions in your logistics process immediately
  • Just-in-time collection at a terminal, optimum scheduling of the delivery
  • All information about your import shipment, such as goods description, weight and packages
  • Simple and fast implementation of follow-up actions, such as successive customs procedures
  • Automatic alerts (vessel delay, cargo requiring attention)

Who is it for?

Cargo Controller is for the container, trailer, general cargo and bulk sectors. As a forwarder, shipper, haulier or shipbroker, you can keep a close eye on your incoming cargo in Cargo Controller. Using the service, you can then immediately take the appropriate follow-up actions, such as initiating subsequent customs procedures. This really puts you in control of your cargo. As a result, everyone can work faster, more efficiently and smarter.

Via web and API

Cargo Controller will be available via the web and as an API. With an API, you can build Cargo Controller into your own software system entirely according to your own wishes. The API specifications can be found on our developer portal.


To use Cargo Controller, you pay a monthly subscription fee plus a charge for each B/L you request. There is a one-off connection charge of € 249.50 (exclusive of VAT).

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