16 Notification Import Documentation


Easily pre-notify all customs documents for import at deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. You have one access point for all your pre-notifications.


  • Communicate all document numbers for the conveyance of cargo to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals via one single access point
  • In most cases, no paper documents are required at the terminal
  • Immediate feedback as to whether your pre-notification has been received correctly
  • Shorten your handling process at the terminal

How does this service work?

By pre-notifying your customs documents via Notification Import Documentation, you ensure a smooth flow at the terminal. All you need to provide is the document number and type, the equipment number (for example the container number or trailer number) and the terminal where your goods are/will be unloaded.

Pre-notification via Notification Import Documentation is possible for almost all Dutch deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. A large number of terminals even make this mandatory. You will not be granted access without pre-notification at these terminals. Make clear agreements in your logistics chain as to who will be responsible for pre-notifications. Generally speaking, this is the forwarder, the exporter or the carrier.

How can I use the service?

This service is available via the web or via a system link-up with your own software. Click here for an overview of software companies that offer a system link-up for Notification Import Documentation.

Are you a new user of Notification Import Documentation?
To be able to pre-notify your documents via Notification Import Documentation, you must first enter into a contractual agreement with the terminal(s). Portbase will help you to arrange this. When filling in the application form for participation in this service, this will be automatically taken care of.

For existing customers Notification Import Documentation
Are you already using Notification Import Documentation for deepsea terminals, but do you also want to pre-notify documents at ferry and shortsea terminals? Then you need to enter into an additional terminal contract with these parties. In consultation with the ferry and shortsea terminals, Portbase has drawn up an overarching terminal contract for this. You can request this overarching contract via sales@portbase.com and then return it signed.

Essential Brexit service

Notification Import Documentation is an essential Brexit service. As of the 1st of January 2021, its use will be mandatory for the pre-notification of import documents at all Dutch ferry terminals and most shortsea terminals. The service has been specifically adapted for this. No pre-notified document means no transport. Full details are available at www.getreadyforbrexit.eu.

Please note! Existing customers of Notification Import Documentation who work with a system link-up require an adjustment to the service for pre-notification at ferry terminals. On our website, you can see which software suppliers have already made these adjustments. To be certain, verify with your supplier whether your software has now been made suitable. If you are building yourself, you will find the required message specifications on our Developer Portal.

Relationship other services

Do you want to know when your goods arrive, have been unloaded or receive a notification when customs inspections follow? Via the service Cargo Tracker, you always have access to the current status of your goods at deepsea terminals. If Brexit cargo via a ferry or shortsea terminal is involved, you use the service Import Status.

In addition to monitoring and tracking your cargo, do you also want to immediately take the right follow-up actions? Via our service Cargo Information, you can easily initiate subsequent customs procedures, such as transit declarations or notifications related to local clearance (domproc).

Request service and (connection) costs

Connection fee
The one-off connection fee for Notification Import Documentation is € 249.50 (ex. VAT).

Day-to-day use
You pay a monthly subscription for the day-to-day use (€ 6.24 for web and € 20.84 for a system link-up) plus a contribution of € 0.18 per message. From 1/1/2021, the prices are € 6.34 per month for web and € 21.17 per month for a system link. Other costs will not change.

Want to know more?

Portbase Support is the central location on the web for all questions about working with the Portbase services. It offers essential instruction videos, quick guides, frequently asked questions and much more to help you make proper use of the Portbase services.

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Are you already a customer and do you have questions about using this service? Go to support.


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