Notification Import Documentation

Notification Import Documentation

A single portal for all your prenotifications via Notification Import Documentation.

A single portal for all your prenotifications via Notification Import Documentation

Easily prenotify all customs documents for import cargo to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals.

Service description

Notify your customs documents in advance with Notification Import Documentation and be assured of a smooth process at the terminal. All you have to provide are the document number and type, the equipment number (e.g. container number or trailer number) and the terminal where your goods will be or have been discharged.

Service features

  • Connection feeThere is a one-off connection fee to activate a service.
  • PaidSubscription fee and/or transaction fee applies.
  • System interface (EDI)The service can be used via an EDI system interface.
  • Web screenThe service can be used via a web screen.


Notification Import Documentation
  • System interface (EDI and web)
  • Monthly fee €7.43
  • Transaction fee €0.19 per container
  • One-time connection fee €249.50
  • When you request a system interface, you always get access to the web version as well
Notification Import Documentation EDI system interface
  • Monthly fee €24.84
  • Transaction fee €0.19 per container
  • One-time connection fee €249.50
  • When you request a system interface, you always get access to the web version as well

How to get connected

Prenotification via Notification Import Documentation is available for almost all Dutch deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. At many terminals, it is actually mandatory – without prenotification, you have no access to those terminals. In your logistics chain, make clear arrangements about who makes the prenotification. Usually it is the forwarder, the exporter or the inland operator.

This service is available via web screens or via a system interface with your own software.


Are you a new user of Notification Import Documentation?

To make your prenotifications via Notification Import Documentation, you have to make a contractual agreement with the terminal(s) in advance. Portbase will help you make the arrangements. When you fill in the application form for participating in this service, this will be taken care of automatically.

Existing user of Notification Import Documentation.

Are you already using Notification Import Documentation for the deepsea terminals and want to also prenotify documents to ferry and shortsea terminals? You will need to conclude an additional terminal contract with them. Portbase has drawn up a single umbrella terminal contract for this purpose, in consultation with the ferry and shortsea terminals. Please request this umbrella contract from and return it signed.

Please note! For existing Notification Import Documentation customers who work with a system interface, a modification is required to the service for prenotification at ferry terminals. On our website you can see which software suppliers have already made this modification. To be sure, check with your supplier whether your software is now suitable. If you are building your own, you can find the required message specifications at the Developer Portal.

This is how you request this service

To request a service, you need an IAMconnected account that is linked to your organization. More information about the registration process can be found on the Here’s how you connect page. Or download the seven steps of the registration process as pdf.

Do you already have a service connected? In that case you login with your IAMconnected account.

As a new customer, you create an account first. Then link your account to your organization.

Request service

Ready to optimize your logistics processes? Request the service directly or contact us. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of requesting the desired service.

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