16 Notification Import Documentation


Prenotify all your Customs documents for import to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. Notification Import Documentation is a crucial part of the Dutch chain solution to enable fast transport of goods to and from the United Kingdom after the Brexit.


  • Submit all document numbers for the removal of cargo to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals through a single channel
  • Return message means you can be sure your notification was received
  • In most cases, no hard-copy documents are needed at the terminal
  • When leaving the terminal, in most cases no stop at Customs is required
  • Shorten your handling process at the terminal

Notification Import Documentation renewed

Due to the Brexit, Notification Import Documentation 2.0 has been updated.

Most important updates

  • You will also be able to prenotify import documents to shortsea and ferry terminals.
  • Once prenotification has been submitted, you will receive a return message from the shortsea or ferry terminal. That way, you can be sure that your notification has been received.
  • The new service Import Status provides insight into the Customs status at the terminal. You will be able to see whether the import documentation is present, and whether a Customs embargo is in force. As a result, hauliers will know whether their cargoes are ready for pick-up at the terminal.

Mandatory prenotification of documents using Portbase

Following the Brexit, all ferry terminals will require the use of Notification Import Documentation 2.0. The same applies to most of the shortsea terminals. The service is already compulsory at most deepsea terminals. This chart provides an up-to-date overview of participating terminals and the types of document you can prenotify at each one.

Designate a party to prenotify the import documents

After Brexit, prenotifying Customs documents for import to shortsea and ferry terminals will be compulsory. Be sure to make clear agreements with your chain partners regarding responsibility for submitting this prenotification! Without a valid prenotification, the haulier will be denied access and your cargo will be unable to leave the terminal. Note to hauliers: you too can register for the service Notification Import Documentation 2.0. This means that as an extra service – or in case of an emergency – you will be able to prenotify the import documents on behalf of your client.

Portbase can help with your terminal contract

In order to submit your import notifications using Notification Import Documentation 2.0, you will need to make a contractual agreement with the terminal(s) beforehand. Portbase will be happy to help you to get this sorted out. When you fill in an application form for participation, this will automatically be taken care of.

Costs and registration

Need to prenotify to shortsea and ferry terminals after the Brexit? Register now!

In order to prenotify import documents to shortsea and ferry terminals (as a result of the Brexit), both new and existing Portbase clients will need to fill in and submit a new application form. A supplementary terminal contract with the relevant shortsea and ferry terminals will be required. In consultation with these terminals, Portbase has drawn up a single umbrella contract. This will allow us to limit your administrative costs, now and in the future. It is possible for you to register here right now in order to be able to send prenotifications to the shortsea and ferry terminals after the Brexit.

Connection fees

The one-off connection fee for Notification Import Documentation is € 249,50 (excluding VAT).

Get Ready for Brexit

In close cooperation with the ferry companies, Dutch Customs, interest groups, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Amsterdam Port Authority, Portbase is developing a chain-wide solution to comply with new Customs obligations that will apply in the Dutch ports following the Brexit. In this solution, each link in the logistical chain will have its own role. All information precedes the cargo. This will enable clever Customs supervision with minimum detriment to the logistical process, while also ensuring the continued smooth flow of cargo through the Dutch ports following the Brexit. More information can be found at www.getreadyforbrexit.eu and the Get Ready for Brexit handbook.

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