16 Notification Import Documentation

Notify all your import cargo customs documents to the container terminals in advance.


  • Single portal for notifying all container terminals of all document numbers for removal of containers
  • In most cases, no paper documents are required at the terminal
  • When leaving the terminal, in most cases no stop at Customs is required
  • Faster handling process at the terminal

Single portal

Via one single portal you can communicate the numbers of import customs documents to all container terminals. Mostly, you can then pick up your containers without paper documents and you do no need to stop at Customs at the terminal.

Document types

You can pre-notify the following document types:
• import declarations with permission for removal;
• transport documents (T1 both simplified and normal procedure);
• local clearance procedure for free movement of goods (DIN);
• place local clearance procedure in a bonded warehouse (DEN);
• intra-community transactions for Transport of EU goods between EU Member States (only permitted for shipping companies/shipbrokers);
• storage documents (IM7) for successor regulation for temporary storage
• all other customs documents

Portbase helps you with your terminal contract

In order to submit your import notifications via our service, you need to make a contractual agreement with the terminal beforehand. We are pleased to help!

Pre-notification required

At the terminals APM Terminals Maasvlakte ll, APM Terminals Rotterdam and Rotterdam World Gateway  pre-notification of customs documents via Portbase is required. You can also use our service at the ECT Delta Terminal, Euromax Terminal, Uniport en Barge Center Waalhaven.


There is a one-off connection fee of € 249.50 (VAT reversed charge) to enable you to use the service. A monthly amount + transaction fee then applies for daily use. Portbase is a non-profit organisation.

Here’s how you connect!

For this service, our partners in the logistical chain have established additional requirements of their own. Click here to learn what you will need to do before you can use our service.

Questions about this service? Feel free to ask!

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