31 Notification Export Documentation


Easily submit pre-notification of all Customs documents for export at deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. Notification Export Documentation is a crucial part of the Dutch chain solution to enable fast transport to and from the United Kingdom even after Brexit.


  • Submit all customs documents for export to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals through a single channel
  • Fast, correct terminal handling
  • Paperless transport and delivery to terminals; both for cargo within the Netherlands and from Germany (ECS cargo)
  • Automatic clearance of ECS and NCTS documents (at terminals with authorised consignee permit
  • Track your shipments' progress in real time (via Track & Trace Export): from the moment they arrive at the terminal to when they depart seaward
  • Fast, watertight handling of export declarations and no issues with VAT afterwards (ECS cargo)
  • Alternative proof of export (ECS cargo)

5 basic data are sufficient

In order to pre-notify all Customs export documents to the terminals, you need only enter five basic pieces of information in the service Notification Export Documentation (MED).
1. Booking number/submission reference
2. Transport identification (container, trailer, etc.)
3. MRN (Movement Reference Number)
4. Document type
5. Gross weight

Service is Brexit-ready

The necessary changes for Brexit have now been implemented in the service Notification Export Documentation. We have replaced the Container ID field (11 positions) with Transport Equipment ID (17 positions). This means that in future you will be able to submit pre-notifications for container terminals (deepsea and shortsea) and for ferry terminals (new!).

New message specifications available for customers with a system interface
All software suppliers have received the message specifications. We recommend that you contact your software supplier well ahead of time if you will be using Notification Export Documentation for Brexit. If you build your own software, you will find the specifications on our website.

Agree who will prenotify the export documents

After Brexit, pre-notifying customs documents for export will be compulsory.

In the case of a full container, either the freight forwarder, the customs officer or the exporter can pre-notify the export documents. We strongly urge you to make clear agreements about this within your chain! Without this pre-notification, your haulier will not be able to access the terminal and your cargo cannot be collected. Hauliers please note: you can also register for the service Notification Export Documentation. This means that – in an emergency – you can pre-notify the export documents for your customer.

In the case of groupage consignments and ferry transport, it is generally the haulier that performs the pre-notification of export documents.

Free access to Track & Trace Export

Being registered for the service Notification Export Documents gives you automatic access to Track & Trace Export. This enables you to follow your export shipments 24/7 in real time. Hauliers please note: you are required to check Track & Trace Export to see whether the export document has been pre-notified before delivering the consignment to a terminal.

Mandatory pre-notification using Portbase

At most container terminals, pre-notification of your customs documentation via Portbase is mandatory. After Brexit, all ferry terminals will require the use of the service MED as well. The same applies to most of the shortsea terminals. This chart provides an overview of participating terminals and the types of document you can pre-notify at each one.

Connection costs

Before 1 March 2019 there is a one-off fee of €249.50 (ex. VAT) for connection to the service. From 1 March 2019, this will increase to €499 (excluding VAT). The expected ‘scramble’ in the event of a no-deal Brexit is forcing us to hire in extra capacity. Other than that, the service is free to use.

Request the service

Complete the application form and then log in to use the service straight away. You will then receive automatic access to Track & Trace Export.

Get Ready for Brexit

Together with the ferry companies, interest groups, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Port of Amsterdam, Portbase is developing a single chain-wide solution intended to ensure the continued smooth flow of cargo through the Dutch ports following Brexit. For more information on how this chain solution will affect you and other links in the logistics chain, please refer to www.getreadyforbrexit.eu and the Get Ready for Brexit handbook.


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