31 Notification Export Documentation

Submit notifications for all Customs export documentation with ease.


  • Quick and correct handling at the container terminals
  • Following containers real time
  • Fast, foolproof processing of your export declarations, never VAT issues afterwards
  • Paperless pre-transport (ECS cargo)
  • Alternative evidence of departure (ECS cargo)
  • Automatic clearance of NCTS documents at terminals with an Authorised Consignee (TG) permit

The following 5 basic pieces of information are sufficient: booking number, container number, Movement Reference Number, document type and gross weight. This results in a quick and reliable terminal handling. Moreover, you can track your shipment in real time: from arrival at the terminal to its departure on board the seagoing vessel. 95% of all export documents can be cleared by Customs electronically.

Extra advantages for ECS cargo

For ECS cargo you are also assured of a watertight handling of your export declarations. Customs will send you the Confirmation of Exit almost immediately. Afterwards, Customs poses no questions on pending files and you avoid potential further VAT claims. Customs moreover accepts our track & trace data as official alternative evidence that your cargo has left the EU. Customs allows your ECS containers to be transported and delivered to the container terminals without papers; both within the Netherlands and Germany.

…and for cargo with an NCTS document

Terminals with an ‘Authorised Consignee’ (TG) permit can clear pre-notified NCTS documents (RT1, RT2) with Customs electronically. Your road haulier no longer needs to present any papers at the terminal. Customs clearance of your T1 documents will be issued automatically. Herewith mismatches between the terminal and Customs computer systems are a thing of the past.

Pre-notification required

At APM Terminals Maasvlakte ll, APM Terminals Rotterdam, ECT Delta, ECT Euromax Terminal and Rotterdam World Gateway pre-notification of customs documents via Portbase is required. You can also pre-notify your containers via Portbase at Kloosterboer Vlissingen and Uniport.

Connection fees

For this service you pay a one-time connection fee of € 249.50 (excl. VAT). After that your usage is completely free of charge.

Questions about this service? Feel free to ask!

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