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Simply pre-notify all customs documents for export at deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. You have one entry for all your pre-notifications. You submit the pre-notification to the terminal via the service Notification Export Documentation. This prenotification is required so that the terminal can register the arrival.


  • Communicate all customs documents for export to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals through one single access point
  • Fast and correct terminal handling
  • Track your shipments in real-time: from arrival at the terminal to departure to sea
  • Free community service; you only pay a one-off connection fee
  • Alternative Exit Proof (ECS) cargo

How does this service work?

You can make a pre-notification by specifying the booking number, the document number and type and the equipment number (for example the container number or trailer number). The terminal that has subscribed to the booking number will receive and use the information for checking and registering the arrival. Pre-notification via Notification Export Documentation is possible for almost all Dutch deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. A large number of terminals even make this mandatory. You will not have access here without prior notification. Make arrangements in your logistics chain on who will make the pre-notification. Generally, that is the forwarder, the exporter or the carrier.

Within the service you can also easily follow your cargo via the Track & Trace Export module. You can see at a glance whether your cargo has arrived at the terminal and whether a (customs) inspection has been notified.

Via web and XML

This service is available via the web or a system link with your own software. To get an impression of the web service, we refer you to Portbase Support. You will find essential instructional videos, quick manuals, frequently asked questions and much more that helps to make good use of the Portbase services.

Look here for an overview of software companies that offer a system link for Notification Export Documentation.


Notification Export Documentation is a free community service. These costs are borne by the terminals and shipping companies. You only pay a one-off € 249.50 (excl. VAT) connection costs. Fill in the application form and register immediately for participation. You will then automatically have access to Track & Trace Export.

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