Notification Export Documentation

Notification Export Documentation

You have a single portal for all your prenotifications.

A single portal for all your prenotifications

Easily prenotify all customs documents for export to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. You have a single portal for all your prenotifications. Via the service Notification Export Documentation, you prenotify the terminal. This prenotification is necessary so that the terminal can register the arrival.

Service description

By specifying the booking number, document number and type and equipment number (e.g. container number or trailer number), you make the prenotification. The terminal which has subscribed to the booking number will receive the information and use it for checking and registering the arrival. Prenotification via Notification Export Documentation is available for almost all Dutch deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. At many terminals, it is actually mandatory. Without prenotification you have no access to those terminals. In your logistics chain, make clear arrangements for who makes the prenotification. Usually it is the forwarder, the exporter or the inland operator.

You can also easily track your cargo within the service via the Track & Trace Export module. You can see at a glance whether your cargo has arrived at the terminal and whether any customs inspections have been ordered.

Service features

  • PaidSubscription fee and/or transaction fee applies.
  • System interface (EDI)The service can be used via an EDI system interface.
  • Web screenThe service can be used via a web screen.


Notification Export Documentation is a free community service. For this service you only pay a one-time connection fee of €249.50 (excluding VAT). After purchasing the service you automatically get access to the service Track & Trace Export.

How to get connected

This service is available via the web or a system interface with your own software. To get an impression of the web service, take a look at Portbase Support. There you will find essential instructional videos, quick guides, frequently asked questions and much more that will help you use Portbase services effectively.

This is how you request this service

To request a service, you need an IAMconnected account that is linked to your organization. More information about the registration process can be found on the Here’s how you connect page. Or download the seven steps of the registration process as pdf.

Do you already have a service connected? In that case you login with your IAMconnected account.

As a new customer, you create an account first. Then link your account to your organization.

Do you have any questions or are you curious about the possibilities for your business?

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