34 Track & Trace Export

Real-time insight into your export shipments via the Dutch ports: from the moment you make the pre-notification or add a booking to sending the manifest. Track & Trace Export is part of the service Notification Export Documentation.


  • Track your shipments in real time: from the moment you make the pre-notification or add a booking
  • The possibility to add cargo, pre-notified by a third party, to your overview
  • You are immediately informed about inspections, releases and other exceptions in your logistic processes
  • Extensive timeline with actions performed and changes upon the load
  • Official alternative proof that your ECS cargo has left the EU
  • Free community service; you only pay the one-off connection costs

How does this service work?

Track & Trace Export combines data in a smart way from multiple parties in the supply chain. It is clear per booking whether all signals are green for export via the seaport;

  • Whether a pre-notification has been made;
  • If the pre-notification has been sent to the deepsea, shortsea or ferry terminals;
  • The moment your cargo arrives at the deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals and when the arrival of the cargo has been reported to Customs;
  • The announcement of a possible customs inspection and the exemption that follows;
  • The date and time that the manifest was sent to Customs;

An extensive timeline which makes it easy to find the history of each shipment in case of questions or problems.

Via Web

Track & Trace Export offers benefits to everyone who exports via the Dutch seaports. Participation is very easy via web.

Request service and (connection) fee

Track & Trace Export is a free community service. The connection costs are one-off € 249.50 (ex. VAT).

Want to know more?

On Portbase Support you will find much more information about the exact operation of Track & Trace Export.

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