Hinterland Container Notification Rail

Hinterland Container Notification Rail

Prenotify train visits and containers to terminals and depots.

Prenotify train visits and containers to terminals and depots via a single portal

Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Rail makes it easy to prenotify the train visit and all cargo to sea and inland terminals and depots.

Service description

The service HCN Rail allows them to prepare the visit properly so your driver is finished sooner. You will also receive automatic feedback on the status of your prenotified containers, allowing for timely adjustments and preventing mistakes.

Service features

  • Connection feeThere is a one-off connection fee to activate a service.
  • PaidSubscription fee and/or transaction fee applies.
  • System interface (API)The service can be used via an API system interface.
  • Web screenThe service can be used via a web screen.


For this service you pay a one-time connection fee of €249.50 (excluding VAT). You then pay a fixed monthly fee plus a contribution per prenotification of a full container.

To use HCN Rail, you need an EAN number as a rail operator. You can request one from Secure Logistics.

How to get connected

HCN Rail is available via the web and by means of an API link with your own planning system.

  • The API protocol is the most common IT standard for data exchange and connectivity.
  • Go to the list of software suppliers that offer a system interface for HCN Rail.
  • If you have your own IT department and develop your own API links, you can find the specifications here.

This is how you request this service

To request a service, you need an IAMconnected account that is linked to your organization. More information about the registration process can be found on the Here’s how you connect page. Or download the seven steps of the registration process as pdf.

Do you already have a service connected? In that case you login with your IAMconnected account.

As a new customer, you create an account first. Then link your account to your organization.

Request service

Ready to optimize your logistics processes? Request the service directly or contact us. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of requesting the desired service.

Register now for the webinar HCN Rail Train Composition! This webinar will be given on Wednesday 19th June from 14:00 – 15:00h for rail operators, traction providers and software suppliers. The webinar will explain, in English, the new HCN Rail functionality ‘Train Composition’.