42 Hinterland Container Notification Rail

This service is being developed. Expected delivery: TBD

Prenotify rail containers and train visits to sea and rail terminals. On this page, we will be keeping you informed regarding the development of the future service Hinterland Container Notification – Rail (HCN Rail). For the service we currently provide to the rail sector, please refer to the service Rail Planning.

Part of a broader prenotification portal

HCN Rail, like HCN Road (completed) and HCN Barge (in development), is part of a broader service called Hinterland Container Notification. This multimodal prenotification portal makes it possible to submit prenotifications from all modalities to a wide variety of terminals and depots. As a result, in the future it will be extremely easy to switch prenotifications from one modality to another.

For questions

Kevin Lammerts
Specialist, Hinterland Send an e-mail +31 (0)88 625 25 34


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For cargo type

  • Containers
  • Bulk

Available via

  • Web interface
  • Target groups
    • Rail operator, rail haulier
    • Terminal