14 Cargo Declaration Import

The central gateway for submitting summary declarations to Customs.


  • Submit summary declarations reliably 24/7
  • Always a view of the status of your summary declarations

Quick and efficient

Via the service Cargo Declaration Import, you can submit your summary declarations quickly and efficiently 24/7. For this purpose, the Port Community System is directly linked to Customs’ central declaration system.


Via the service Cargo Declaration Import, Customs also feeds any errors in the declaration back to you, and you receive up-to-date information about the status. Moreover, Customs indicates whether they want to inspect the cargo (scan, physical inspection etc.). You always have the opportunity within the legal periods of adding to and/or altering the information in a summary declaration.


The information you submit via the service Cargo Declaration Import is also the basis for simplifying your information interchange via other Portbase services further on in the logistical chain. Reuse of your information from the summary declarations is for example possible in your follow-up declarations, your communication with terminals and with customers.

Connection costs
There is a one-off connection fee of €249.50 (ex. VAT) for this service.

Here’s how you connect!

For this service, our partners in the logistical chain have established additional requirements of their own. Click here to learn what you will need to do before you can use our service.


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