51 Transhipment

Automatically send a REN message to Customs for transhipment cargo


  • Less administration around transhipment cargo
  • Quick finalisation of the Customs process
  • Insight into the received MRN

Dutch Customs switched to the Union-wide AES Exit procedures in December 2022 to comply with European legislation. For transhipment cargo leaving the EU again within 14 days, a new message must be submitted, namely a Re-Export Notification (REN) message.

REN should be reported on the outbound manifest . For transhipment cargo leaving the EU after 14 days, according to AES, an EXD message must be sent (successor to the EXS message). However, this EXD message does not automatically discharge the temporary storage declaration (ATO). Customs has therefore indicated that a REN message may also be used for this purpose. Customs applies a transition period from December 2022 to January 2024.

Practical operation

If the shipping company/shipbroker indicates in the service Notification Cargo Import that it concerns a transhipment cargo, a REN message is automatically sent to Customs (via Single Window)
The shipping company/shipbroker can register this via IFTMCS message and/or web screen in the service Notification Cargo Import
Customs issues a Movement Reference Number (MRN), which is registered on the B/L and can be viewed in the transhipment service
In case of transhipment cargo in containers, a MID 2.0 is automatically sent to the terminal
Updates and withdrawals are supported


To participate in this service, you pay a fixed monthly fee plus a contribution per B/L. For the current price overview, contact Sales.

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