4 Vessel Notification

The central gateway for all vessel notifications.


  • Fast, efficient and reliable notification process
  • Single gateway for multiple ports
  • View the status of all outstanding tasks connected to your ship’s visit at a glance.
  • Direct access to Notification Dangerous Goods, Notification Ship's Stores and Notification Crew & Passengers.

Vessel Notification

With Vessel Notification, you can submit all your compulsory vessel notifications to the Harbour Masters and Customs, including notifying the compulsory security information (ISPS). You can also use it to apply for pilots, tugboats and boatmen. You are assured of a streamlined process 24/7. Vessel Notification also gives you direct access to the services Notification Dangerous Goods, Notification Crew & Passengers and Notification Ship’s Stores.

You can also easily transfer a vessel call to another shipping agent using Vessel Notification. Plus, you can assign a different party as the financial declarant for the statement harbour dues and/or authorise a cargo handling agent to register (dangerous) cargo.

Initial notification also via System Interface
For the initial notification (to create a new visit), you can also use a system interface. Read more details in the Harbour Masters’ newsletter (only available in Dutch).

You will be able to use Vessel Notification for your vessel notifications in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Moerdijk, Harlingen, Delfzijl and Eemshaven.

Participation free of charge

Using the service Vessel Notification is entirely free of charge for you.

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