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Send all requested information as port authority to SPOC NL.


  • Comply simply and efficiently with European obligations 24/7
  • One single solution accessible to all the Dutch ports
  • Automatic process


SPOC NL is the Single Point of Contact for the Netherlands for the European SafeSeaNet. Under the responsibility of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in Lisbon, the information about vessel voyages and dangerous goods is collected here from all European countries. In case of emergencies at sea, this makes it possible to take rapid and appropriate action in case of emergencies at sea, while also assisting in the prevention of environmental disasters. Every EU Member State is obliged to provide SafeSeaNet with information via a Single Point of Contact.

Reuse of information

For notifications to SPOC NL, the service Notification Single Window uses the details that have already been submitted by ship brokers, shipping companies and agents to you as the port authority via the Portbase services Vessel Notification, Notification Dangerous Goods and Notification Waste Disposal. The only information that you yourself as port authority need to add via the Port Community System to the service Notification Single Window is the actual arrival and departure times of the vessels.

No more fuss

Via the service Notification Single Window sending information to SPOC NL automatically takes place from the Port Community System via Single Window maritime and air. After you have subscribed to this as a port authority, you do not need to worry about it any more.

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