Notification Waste Disposal

Notification Waste Disposal

Report waste from seagoing vessels to the harbour master.

Easily report all waste on board

Notification Waste Disposal makes it easy to report the waste from every vessel visit to the Harbour Master. This mandatory notification must be made in accordance with EC Directive 2010/65.

Service description

Portbase provides an Excel template in Notification Waste Disposal, which is completed by the ship’s captain. You can then import this template directly in order to submit data. When you send the notification, an alert is automatically sent to waste collectors so that they know what waste can be taken off board.

Service features

  • Not paidNo subscription fee and/or transaction fee.
  • Web screenThe service can be used via a web screen.

Additional requirements

Our partners in the logistical chain have established additional requirements for certain services. For this service that is:

  • From the Harbour Master: Port Authority ID

How to get connected

When you use the service Notification Waste Disposal, you automatically have access to the service Vessel Notification, because reporting waste is a separate task in Vessel Notification. That way, you maintain a centralized overview.

The service can be used in all ports where the service Vessel Notification is available.


Use of the service Notification Waste Disposal is free of charge for users. Due to the strategic importance of the service for the functioning of a port, the costs are met by the port authorities.

This is how you request this service

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