1 Notification Waste Disposal

Allows you to efficiently notify the waste materials aboard a sea-going vessel at every visit.


  • Simple, convenient notification of all waste materials on board
  • Separate task in Vessel Notification
  • Easily track the status of your notification
  • The Port Community System provides a single gateway for all obligatory vessel notifications

Notification Waste Disposal allows you to simply and easily comply with the obligation (in accordance with guideline 2010/65/EU) to notify the harbour master of any waste materials on board each time your vessel visits. The way the service works has been fully aligned to real-world practice. The captain of the vessel fills in the notification using an Excel template provided by Portbase. Next, you can simply import the template directly into Notification Waste Disposal and then forward it directly to the Port Community System. There’s no need to re-enter the details manually.

Part of Vessel Notification

Notification Waste Disposal is now available as a separate task in Vessel Notification. This provides convenient access to the service and lets you easily track the status of your notifications. Notification Waste Disposal is suitable for use at all ports where you already use Vessel Notification.

Preliminary announcement

Via the service Notification Waste Disposal, waste collectors will automatically be notified of which waste materials they will need to pick up from the ship.

Free participation

Participation in the service Notification Waste Disposal is free to you. Due to the strategic importance of the service to the functioning of the port, the costs are financed from the Port Authorities’ general income.

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