2 Notification Dangerous Goods

This service is being developed. Expected delivery: Q1 2020

Straightforward comply with obligations towards the Harbour Master.


  • Easy notification of all the dangerous goods present on board
  • One single gateway via the Port Community System for all mandatory vessel notifications

With the service Notification Dangerous Goods, you inform the Harbour Master about the dangerous goods that are on board for every vessel visit. Participation is possible either via a system interface or by visiting the PCS website.
The service is tailor-made for each cargo segment (liquid bulk, other cargo). It is immediately clear what information you need to provide. Automatic reuse of the information already present in the Port Community System ensures that in all cases you can fulfill your obligations in the most efficient way with a minimum of entry work.

In accordance with new EMSA legislation
As of 1 November 2018, the Harbor Masters must comply with new legislation of the EMSA (European Marine Safety Agency) for the reporting of dangerous goods. These new rules have now been incorporated into this service.

Free participation
Participation in the service Notification Waste Disposal is free to you. Due to the strategic importance of the service to the functioning of the port, the costs are financed from the Port Authorities’ general income.

Here’s how you connect!

For this service, our partners in the logistical chain have established additional requirements of their own. Click here to learn what you will need to do before you can use our service.


  • Startingdate market introduction: to be determined

Market introduction

  • Startingdate market introduction: to be determined

Soon we will automatically convert all customers who report hazardous substances on board visiting ships via the web to Notification Dangerous Goods 2.0. This new version is fully adapted to the new European legislation and regulations introduced last year.

The development of the Notification Dangerous Goods 2.0 was done in collaboration with a working group from the business community. The use is therefore as close as possible to daily practice. Entering the data required for the Harbor Master becomes a little easier again.


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