6 Cargo Declaration Status Report

Timely insight into outstanding summary cargo declarations.


  • Timely insight into summary cargo declarations for which no follow-up declaration (or no correct one) has been submitted
  • Rapid processing of Customs procedures
  • Avoids unnecessary searching and back payments

Based on the information in the service Cargo Declaration Status Report, you can easily correct any errors in follow-up declarations, make enquiries of the cargo recipients or still submit missing follow-up declarations. You thus avoid much time-consuming searching at a later stage to find out what went wrong, and unnecessary back-payments to Customs.

Operation in practice

Cargo Declaration Status Report is an extension to the service Cargo Declaration Import with which you submit your summary declarations to Customs. Cargo Declaration Status Report works very straightforwardly. On days 45 and 90 after the arrival of a vessel, Customs sends Portbase an exception report with uncompleted summary declarations. You then automatically receive an e-mail with a link allowing you to take action immediately.

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For cargo type

  • Containers
  • Bulk
  • Target groups
    • Agent
    • Shipbroker, Shipping company