55 Vessel Visit API

With the Vessel Visit API you can receive and/or share data at vessel level, including data available from agents, terminals, harbour master and nautical service providers.


  • One connection only for clients to receive data from more than 50 different parties instead of having to connect to each party individually
  • Data owners do not need to deploy capacity to keep setting up connections. Portbase will provide this data only to parties authorized by the data owner
  • Agents and shipping companies can use an API connection to unlock the data that they enter manually into Portbase to their own systems
  • Agents and shipping companies can also use this connection to enter data into Portbase themselves so that manual input is not required

For whom

  • Software/digital solution providers
  • Everyone involved in the port call process

The Vessel Visit API allows organizations to retrieve and share vessel-level data with their relevant parties.

The following data are available:


Data attributeAgentHarbour MasterTerminal*Pilot (GIDS)
Call Reference NumberXX
Client Reference NumberX
Vessel > IMO codeXX
Vessel > NameX
Owner > Port Authority IDX
Declarant > Port Authority IDX
Owner/Declarant > shortNameX
Owner/Declarant > fullNameX
Inbound Voyage NumberX
PreviousPorts > idX
PreviousPorts > portX
PreviousPorts > arrivalX
PreviousPorts > departureX
NextPorts > idX
NextPorts > portX
NextPorts > arrivalX
NextPorts > departureX
PortEntry >etaPilotBoardingPlaceX
PortEntry > etaSeaBuoyXX
PortEntry > IntentionX
Pilot Boarding Place > CodeX
Pilot Boarding Place > ETAX
Pilot Boarding Place > ETA ConfirmedX
Pilot on board > ATX
First movement > Vessel DraftX
First movement > OrderX
Berth > CodeX
Berth > LocationX
Berth > MooringX
Berth > Ship side to / MooringX
Berth > Bollard From/ForeXX
Berth > Bollard Fore OffsetX
Berth > Bollard To/AftXX
Berth > Bollard Aft OffsetX
Berth > Arrival > Tugboat > Required QuantityX
Berth > ETAXX
Berth > ETA gangway down (while pilot is on board)X
Berth > ET start cargo handlingX
Berth > ATAXX
Berth > AT first line securedX
Berth > AT last line securedX
Berth > AT pilot disembarkedX
Berth > AT cargo handlingX
Berth > Departure > Tugboat > Required QuantityX
Berth > ETDXX
Berth > ET completion cargo handlingX
Berth > AT completion cargo handlingX
Berth > AT pilot on boardX
Berth > AT first line releasedX
Berth > AT last line releasedX
Berth > ATDXX
Next Movement > Vessel DraftX
Next Movement > OrderX
Exit Point > CodeX
Exit Point > ETDX
Exit Point > ATDX
AT pilot disembarkedX
# Data attributes2418169

*: ECT Delta, ECT Euromax, RWG, HPD II, APM MVII


To purchase this service, you will need MyData.

The Vessel Visit API costs €0.67 per port call for which data is received. So this is regardless of how many sources of data are received.

To purchase the Vessel Visit API, you also need the MyData application. In MyData, you can request data share permission (authorisation) from the data owners. MyData is available free of charge for all organisations that are Portbase clients.

However, data owners do have the possibility to add any conditions to the authorisation.

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