11 Discharge List

Compose discharge lists and submit them to container terminals.


  • Straightforward submission of discharge lists
  • Clear input for container terminals
  • Optimal reuse of information from service Cargo Declaration Import

One push of the button

With one touch of the button, you send your discharge lists to all the container terminals you do business with. The service Discharge List automatically reuses the information you previously submitted via Portbase for your summary declarations.

Better service provision

Via the service Discharge List, container terminals are guaranteed clear electronic input. This allows those involved to work more efficiently, and therefore to offer a better service.


The service Discharge List is moreover the basis for proper feedback from the terminal about too few/too many containers being discharged. This takes place via the service Discharge Confirmation Report.

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For cargo type

  • Containers
  • Target groups
    • Shipbroker, Shipping company
    • Terminal