19 Veterinary Inspection Process

Rapid and efficient logistics concerning veterinary inspections.


  • Better logistics concerning inspections
  • Automatic feedback of inspection outcomes
  • Reuse possible from the service Declaration Food and Consumer Products

A single gateway for all inspection points in the port

Via the service Veterinary Inspection Process, you have one single gateway for the pre-notification of your arrival to all inspection points in the port. These inspection points can thus plan their available capacity optimally and give a proper summary to the Netherlands Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority (NVWA) of the daily number of inspections. This avoids unnecessary
queues. You can drive away in good time from the inspection points with your chilled and frozen cargo.

The progress of an inspection

The service Veterinary Inspection Process also provides you with insight into the progress of an inspection. You receive information online about the time of arrival/departure of the cargo and about the outcome of the inspection itself.

Border documents

The use of the service Veterinary Inspection Process becomes extra straightforward by submitting your border documents (Common Veterinary Entry Documents) to the NVWA at an earlier stage via the Portbase service Declaration Food and Consumer Products. For an inspection application, you then only need to enter the desired inspection point (including inspection date and possibly time) in Veterinary Inspection Process.

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For cargo type

  • Containers
  • Trailer

Available via

  • Web interface
  • Target groups
    • Forwarder
    • Importer
    • Inspection station
    • Shipbroker, Shipping company