Securely and conveniently grant access to your digital services

Is your company or organisation active in port and logistics?
Do you offer external users and/or your own employees one or more digital services?

Through IAMconnected, you can easily grant secure and convenient access to your digital service(s) 24/7. There is no need for you to set up and maintain your own access infrastructure. You can fully arrange your identity & access management for employees and external users via IAMconnected. In this service provision, Portbase combines the highest safety standards with optimal ease of use.


  • Securely and conveniently provide access to your digital service(s)
  • Centrally organised access infrastructure
  • No need to worry about maintenance and upgrades
  • Substantial cost savings compared to self-management
  • Use of the highest security standards
  • Additional security possible via multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Users can create their own IAMconnected account free-of-charge
  • Broad support base in port and logistics, many existing users already

For whom

All companies and organisations active in port and logistics can join IAMconnected as service providers. Participation offers concrete benefits for container terminals, shipping lines, freight forwarders, ferry terminals and large transport companies, for example, but also for sector organisations, port authorities and government bodies.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority (for My Port) and Customs are already making use of IAMconnected. In the coming period, Portbase will also start organising access to the Port Community System via IAMconnected.

How IAMconnected works

On the website of IAMconnected, users create a personal account once. Via this IAMconnected account, they can link to one or more organisations. If an organisation uses your digital service(s), any of its employees who are linked are always able to securely and conveniently log in to you via IAMconnected.

Users no longer need to remember separate login details for each digital service. Logging in to IAMconnected once will suffice. Users can create their own IAMconnected account completely free-of-charge.


When logging in, you use multifactor authentication (MFA). By performing quarterly checks, you ensure that your list of employees remains up-to-date. This gives you even more assurance that only the right people visit your digital service(s).

How to participate

Would you like more information on how your company or organisation can use IAMconnected for secure and convenient access to your digital service(s)? The Sales department of Portbase will gladly provide you with all the details. You can reach them at +31 (0)88 – 6252534 or sales@portbase.com.

For questions

+31 (0)88 625 25 34


Are you already a customer and do you have questions about using this service? Go to support.