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MyData enables organizations to share or make data available to customers securely and in a controlled manner, on their own terms. For this purpose, you can use the web application MyData.


  • Easy data sharing through a user-friendly user interface
  • Complete visibility and control over the data you share and with whom
  • Grip on your data by managing authorizations
  • Control over the conditional aspect to share data under the right conditions.
  • Relief of your own IT capacity
  • Secure and reliable data sharing environment
  • Sharing data promotes cooperation and innovation with partners in the logistics chain

For whom

MyData is of interest to all data owners within the port logistics community with a data sharing need. It allows these organizations to share existing PCS data with new audiences, add additional data to the existing community and introduce their own terms.
In addition, MyData provides opportunity for data buyers within the port logistics community to receive data from new target groups.

By sharing more data with each other, even more value can be created. It promotes cooperation and innovation.

Costs for using MyData

MyData is available for free to all organizations that are Portbase customers (using Portbase’s PCS services).

For those organizations that are not yet customers of the PCS services, such as e.g. software suppliers, there is a fixed monthly subscription fee for using MyData. The one-time connection fee for MyData is €249.50.

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