36 Clearance NCTS Export Containers

Via the service Clearance NCTS Export Containers, deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals can automatically release transit (NCTS) documents via Portbase. Electronic clearance improves the flow at the terminal and improves the quality of terminal processes.


  • The terminal is not required to submit paper documents to Customs.
  • Road haulier does not need to stop at the Customs desk at the terminal.
  • No more mismatches between terminal and customs systems
  • Applies to all inbound modalities; road, water, rail

The service releases both T1 (non-community outgoing cargo) and T2 (community outgoing cargo) to Customs when the shipment is at its final destination.

The document types RT1 and RT2 indicate that the transit document is at its final destination; these documents are released via the service. External and internal outgoing transit cargo, document types TT1 and TT2, are not released because they are not yet at their final destination. Please note that in order to use this service, the terminal requires the Authorised Consignee customs permit.

The document number and type are specified when making the prenotification. View our service Notification Export Documentation to see how this works.


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