36 Clearance NCTS Export Containers


This service facilitates the flow at the terminals while improving quality.


  • The terminal is not required to submit paper documents to Customs.
  • Road haulier does not need to stop at the Customs desk at the terminal.
  • Pre-notification of the NCTS document via Notification Export Documentation is sufficient.
  • No more mismatches between the terminal and Customs systems.

Releasing electronic NCTS documents with ease

Container terminals can use the convenient service Clearance NCTS Export Containers to release the NCTS documents for outgoing cargo (T1 and T2) electronically at Customs. It will therefore no longer be necessary for road hauliers to submit Customs documents when visiting the terminal. These documents are likewise no longer necessary for rail and inland shipping containers. It will suffice that the client, whether exporter or forwarder, has pre-notified the NCTS document via the service Notification Export Documentation. The document will be automatically released when the container arrives at the terminal.

In this way, the use of the service Clearance NCTS Export Containers improves the flow at the terminal and all parties are able to work more efficiently. Working electronically also prevents mismatches between the terminal and the Customs system. Exporters and forwarders are always assured that their documents will be handled correctly.

Additional requirements

Clearance NCTS Export Containers is an addition to the service Notification Export Documentation, designed especially for container terminals. In order to use it, a terminal must also have an ‘Authorised Consignee’ permit from Customs. Only permit holders can automatically release NCTS documents.

The electronic way of working applies specifically to NCTS documents that are released at Customs in Rotterdam (code RT1 and RT2). For transit NCTS cargo that will be released at a Customs office in another EU country (code TT1 and TT2), a paper document will still be required.


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