API specifications for HCN Rail available in Developer Portal

As an intermodal rail operator, we recently migrated you from Rail Planning to our new service Hinterland Container Notification Rail (HCN Rail). If you work with a system link, this requires switching from EDI to API. These API specifications are now available for you in our Developer Portal.

Additional features
The sooner you establish the API connection with HCN Rail, the sooner you will experience the benefits of our new service. As of this fourth quarter, we are adding additional features to HCN Rail step by step, for faster and more efficient handling of trains at rail terminals in the seaport.

EDI converter free for one year
Need more time to switch from EDI to API? As a transitional arrangement, we are offering you an EDI converter for one year for free. This converter automatically converts data supplied in EDI to the API format required by HCN Rail. As long as you are still working with EDI, the new HCN Rail user options are available to you via the web.

Bulk trains from 1st quarter 2022
We will be migrating operators of bulk trains from Rail Planning to HCN Rail in the first quarter of 2022. At that time, we will add functionalities for this sector to the existing API specifications.

More information
A practical summary of the changes in HCN Rail can be found here. At Portbase Support, you can also find an instruction video, a Quick Start Guide and the answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, our Business Manager Ron Martens will be pleased to help. You can reach him at r.martens@portbase.com or on +31(0)6 5126 7764.