Easier reporting through Notification Dangerous Goods 2.0

On June 17, we will automatically transfer all customers who use the web screens to report dangerous goods aboard visiting ships to Notification Dangerous Goods 2.0. This new version has been fully designed with the new European laws and regulations that came into effect in 2018 in mind. EDI customers will be migrated at a later time.

Notification Dangerous Goods 2.0 was developed in consultation with a project group from the business community. As a result, it is optimally geared to daily practice. Submitting the required data for the Harbour Master becomes even more convenient.

Main changes
Notification Dangerous Goods 2.0 offers a number of major changes:

  • The new version of Notification Dangerous Goods uses a separate tab within Vessel Notification. You no longer need to switch between two services on your screen;
  • You start reporting the dangerous goods on board upon arrival of the ship. You specify the hazardous substance for each tank or hold. You also need to specify the condition of the relevant tanks or holds as well as any tanks or holds that are empty. As a result, the status of the entire ship is clear for the inspection. For the remainder of the call, it is only possible to perform actions on tanks and holds that have been reported upon arrival. For containers, you need to specify which hazardous substance they hold;
  • Reporting the status of the dangerous goods upon arrival of the ship is also possible by uploading an Excel form. In this case, you must ask the captain to complete the form;
  • For each berth, you next report the activities that take place: loading, blending, unloading, cleaning, inerting, ventilating or restowing;
  • Based on these reported activities per berth, the cargo on board and the condition of the tanks or holds are always automatically recalculated for each trip. This is important in relation to inspections, for example.

In Notification Dangerous Goods 2.0, it will no longer be possible to copy dangerous substances from the Portbase service Cargo Declaration Import. In the new service, you register the dangerous substances via the web screen (including Excel upload) or by means of your system link-up (IFTDGN).

Connecting for web customers
If you report the dangerous goods via the web screens, you will be transferred to the new service as of June 17. This means that for any ship calls that are created from that date onwards, you must use the new service to report dangerous goods. For these visits, a new ‘Dangerous Goods’ tab is available in the service Vessel Notification. For calls created prior to the transition date, you must report the dangerous goods through the current service. Further instructions are available on the Portbase Support Page.

Connecting for participants via EDI
If you report the dangerous goods via the system link-up, you will be migrated to the new service at a later time. Until that time, notifications are still submitted using the current service. You will be notified of the transition date in due course.

More information
Should you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact our Service Desk. You can reach them at +31 (0)88 625 25 25 or servicedesk@portbase.com.

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