ECT Delta and Euromax now also connected to back-up service Road Planning

ECT Delta and Euromax are now also connected to the new, convenient back-up service for Road Planning. If there is an unexpected disruption to the regular Road Planning, the back-up will allow you to submit pre-notifications anyway – so you can get on with your work. Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) was already able to use the back-up service. Other terminals will be connected as well at a later date.

Link for access and to request a password directly
You can access the back-up service for Road Planning through this link.
It will not be possible to use the back-up until the regular service has been offline for at least one hour. At any time, however, you can click on the same link to request a password for accessing the back-up. We recommend you do this immediately. That way, you’ll be able to use the back-up service right away when you need it.

How it works
In the back-up service, just like in the regular Road Planning, you will enter all the information you need to pre-notify your visit and container(s). You will then receive an e-mail containing the drop-off or pick-up details. Pre-notifications you submit via the back-up service are not visible in the PCS. In order to guarantee availability, the back-up service and PCS are completely independent of one another.

Don’t wait – request your password for the back-up service today.
That way, you will be optimally prepared.